SONY TV Factory Reset Circle

SONY TV Factory Reset Circle

This article discusses the factory reset option in Sony TVs and the white circle that appears during the process which is an Android update logo. We’ll also go through multiple ways to factory reset your TV with or without the remote.

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SONY TV Factory Reset Circle

Sony is one of the world’s most renowned TV manufacturers and this is because they consistently delivered high-quality premium products to their consumers. Sony has developed tremendously during the last few decades.

However, even a top-tier TV manufacturing company like Sony is prone to sometimes having bugs or glitches on their products which might force the user to factory reset their TV as sometimes it gets confusing and frustrating watching that Android update circle go round and round. Even the most streamlined technologies can have problems from time to time.

An induvial must understand their gadget and how to reset it in order to address any problems. This article will go through all of the major methods for resetting a Sony TV set. If you’re wondering how you can factory reset your Sony TV, then don’t worry we have got you covered on this.

If you’re a Sony TV user and you have gone through the process of factory resetting your TV then you might be familiar with a white-colored circle on your screen during the update. It might be annoying for some people, but rest assured it is just the Android Update screen or logo.

The colorful circles are SONY boot “logos”. I believe Android has something similar. Unfortunately, the high cost of a product does not ensure that it is not faulty or has a minor flaw. If it’s a new TV, I’d imagine it tried to upgrade its firmware and is now stuck in boot mode. If the TV would not turn off, you may need to disconnect it, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in. It would not have colorful dots if you used the U-verse set-top box. If your U-verse set-top box is having problems, you may typically see red or grey X’s, gears, or three grey or white dots rather than colorful ones.

Factory Reset:

The Sony TVs are run on the Android operating system. Select the “Home” button on your remote to do a factory reset. Select “Settings,” then “Storage & Reset,” “Factory data reset,” “Erase everything,” and finally “Yes.” This procedure is known as a data reset, and it erases all of your history and saved data while restoring everything to default settings. 

You may also force a factory reset, which deletes any applications and data from the TV’s memory belonging to you and your history. Unplug the television to accomplish this. Hold down the “Power” and “Down” buttons at the same time for 30 seconds, then reconnect the power to the outlet. Release the buttons when a green LED light appears.

Wait for the TV to reboot many times and go through the reset cycle. When the process is finished, the original Welcome screen shows.

How to reset your Sony TV:

How Do I Reset a Sony Television? Go to Settings>Storage and Reset>Factory Data Reset>Erase all data> by pressing the home button on your remote. To complete the reset, follow the on-screen prompts. 

Keep in mind that a factory reset will erase all data on your TV. You may also power reset your television by turning it off, disconnecting it from the socket, waiting one minute, and then plugging it back in.

Depending on the problem, you can reset your Sony TV in one of three ways:

1) (Power Reset/Restart) is always advised first since it can address many difficulties without affecting stored data.

2) (Factory Data Reset) will remove all consumer settings while restoring the TV to factory specs.

3) (Forced Factory Reset) is the last option, which will likewise remove any consumer settings while restoring the TV to factory specs. When you can’t access the TV through the menu, don’t have a remote, or for other reasons, use this option.

Is there are a reset button on Sony TVs?

To reset the television, use the buttons on the remote. You can also reset the TV using one of the techniques described below. One of these ways does not even require the use of any buttons. However, there are no buttons on the TV that are particularly labeled as “reset.” To reset your Sony TV, use a combination of the remote buttons.

How to reset a Sony TV without a remote:

The procedure outlined below does not necessitate the use of a remote.

1)Unplug the television and let all of the leftover electricity drain. This normally takes a few minutes.

2)You may plug it back in and turn it on after a few minutes. This procedure is known as a “Power Reset,” and it might help to resolve some of the problems that your television may encounter. It is, however, not as complex (or as strong) as the “factory reset” procedure described in previous parts.

How to reset a Sony TV with a remote:

You may also reset your TV by pressing a sequence of buttons on your remote. It is a fairly simple procedure, with complete instructions provided below:

1)To begin, unplug your television from its outlet.

2)Before inserting the TV back into its outlet, press the “Down” (directional key) and “Power” buttons at the same time.

3)A green LED light will begin to blink. This is the time to let go of the buttons you were holding down.

4)The TV will reboot several times before finally resetting and displaying a welcome screen. Because the cache on your television has been completely erased, it will run faster.

Reasons your factory reset may not be working:

If the Sony TV factory reset does not function, it might be due to an improper configuration method. If the procedure is followed correctly, the TV’s software may have crashed, or the buttons may be malfunctioning. Please consider hiring an electrician to resolve these difficulties for you.

The most probable reasons in most of the cases are:

  • The factory resetting process is incorrect.
  • Your device has a software crash.
  • Configuration details are incorrect.
  • The TV buttons are faulty.

Keep in mind if you are going for a factory reset, this option deletes all your previous settings and data stored before the reset.

Updates and Troubleshooting:

Aside from the reset process, your TV will need to be updated on a regular basis. The Sony Bravia TV update 2017 was a critical one to carry out. Failure to keep up with upgrades might lead to difficulties. 

Additionally, before presuming the TV is experiencing a problem, address difficulties with specific applications. In some circumstances, removing and reinstalling the program that is causing the freezing or other issues resolves the issue.


Each model has its own variants, but your solution may be found in the ways mentioned above. Because Sony updates its firmware and operating system environment on a regular basis, the titles of the options may differ from what you see on your TV.

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