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Spilled Water On Macbook Air And It Turned Off

Spilled Water On Macbook Air And It Turned Off

Did you accidentally spilled water on MacBook air and it turned off and now you have no idea what to do? No worries, here’s the solution to your concern. 

What? Did you spill water on your MacBook and it just turned off right after the incident?  Don’t panic, you just landed in the right place. 

You worked hard and saved up money for the expensive but iconic Macbook and after buying you handle it with care. But, after some time you start watching your favorite series after work on your Macbook Air, and watching a series without your favorite food and a chilled drink is incomplete. While watching you just accidentally spilled the drink on the Macbook Air and now you are baffled about what to do. 

Digital devices are one of the most useful devices in the modern era but you have to handle them with a lot of care otherwise one mistake and the device is broken. Spilling water on your favorite Macbook is a nightmare as if the damage is permanent you will lose all your important files and data that you saved up. 

Don’t worry and relax, if the damage isn’t permanent then you can easily save your Macbook if you unintentionally spilled water. 

Below we are mentioning some tips and tricks by which you can salvage the Macbook if you Spilled Water On Macbook Air And It Turned Off. 

Spilled water on a Macbook Air and it turned off?

Water or any liquid is spilled on any digital device. It will create a lot of mess than you think, so you have to do the following steps to prevent any big loss. 

  • Unplug the charger

When the water is spilled on the Macbook it is risky to touch the device as you might get shock due to the water in the device. So the first thing you have to do is to unplug the charger otherwise it will cause serious damages. 

  • Power off the laptop 

If you spilled any liquid on the Macbook Air then the first thing you have to do is press the power button of the laptop and hold it for almost five seconds until the laptop is shut off. Now release the button and don’t try to touch the button as you can unintentionally turn it back on. After turning off Macbook, it is the only way your laptop and data are saved but you will lose all the unsaved data. 

But if the laptop isn’t shutting off after you hold the power button that means the keyboard of the laptop is gone but don’t worry you have some other methods to shut off the laptop. Take tissues and try to soak the liquid you see on the screen, keyboard, or touchpad and shut the laptop’s lid. By doing this you will activate the hardware’s sleeping sensor that also turns off the CPU and all other components and doesn’t open the lid again.   

  • Vent holes 

When the water spills try to make sure that the liquid through the keyboard water doesn’t go into the core compartments. Also, try to prevent the liquid doesn’t go into any vent holes and USB ports, HDMI, or charger ports. But as the openings are small, little water gets in. 

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What are the methods for draining the Macbook Air?

Here we are mentioning the two main methods by which you can easily drain your Macbook Air and can save yourself from a bigger loss. 

  • Flip the Macbook

The very first way to drain out the water from the Macbook is to flip it by putting the laptop in the tent shape, by doing this gravity drive back the water to the keyboard so that it might not damage the internal sensitive parts of the Macbook. 

Also, if the Macbook with different models like the Macbook pre-2013 and the Macbook pre-2018 have a non-retina display as these models are waterproof so this method will be effective and useful. 

But if you have a Macbook with a retina model then you should not flip your laptop as it might damage because there isn’t any aluminum and protective glass added in the retina display. As for making the laptop lighter, Apple has removed all this and hence the model with retina display is water-resistant. 

That’s why if you try to flip the Macbook then the water will be distributed all over the screen from the underlying optical film. Therefore, it will impact the display of the Macbook and will also leave watermarks on the screen that will affect the functionality and image quality too. 

  • 90° lid placement

Flip the laptop lid and place it at 90° like place it on the table as the screen id down the table and the keyboard side is drooping over the side. By this, the liquid will not travel in the screen and will assist in the fastest drying as it remains flat on the table. But, to prevent any more damage, keep a soft and dry towel under the screen of the Macbook so that it will not fall off from the table. 

The logic panel is located in the lower keyboard, while in all the Macbook, the battery is located near the touchpad. Gravitational pull helps to draw the leftover water away from the keyboard and also from the touchpad, so eventually away from the MacBook cover. But if the liquid has entered into the logic panel it will cause less damage as it will go away at a less sensitive part. So, the water-damaged laptop must be dried after one day with no bottom cover. 

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What is not to do if the Macbook gets water-damaged?

There is a list of not-to-do things if you accidentally spilled water on the Macbook Air so you have to avoid all the things that lower the chances to secure the Macbook Air. 

  • The only thing you have not to do is don’t turn on your laptop again. You are worried but it might be damaged and create a mess that will be impossible to fix. So, don’t turn on your Macbook once you turn it off but wait once the Macbook gets completely dry. 
  • After spilling water you must panic but don’t try to shake your laptop, otherwise, the water will spread all over the laptop and will break the laptop.
  • Rice is most often considered to help drain wetness out of electronic gadgets. So, a layer of rice covering the MacBook won’t keep the dampness away from the major hardware like the battery and logical panel. That’s why there’s no need to cover the Macbook with rice as it will all go in vain. 
  • Never ever try to dry your laptop with the help of a hairdryer as it might damage the sensitive parts of the Macbook and will cause permanent loss. 


Frequently asked questions 

Can a MacBook survive a water spill? 

Yes, the Macbook can survive a water spill if you don’t panic and act wisely, like don’t shake your laptop and don’t even use a hairdryer that will damage the Macbook. Instead, turn off the laptop and wait for 48 hours, be patient, and don’t turn it back on otherwise it will cause serious damage. 

Can a MacBook Air recover from water damage? 

It’s not certain that a Macbook air can recover from water damage so that the damage might be permanent if the water gets into the sensitive parts of the laptops. Or if the laptop is on the keyboard and timely taken steps will save the MacBook and chances of recovery from water damage is high.  

What do you do if your MacBook Air has water damage?

If your Macbook air gets water damaged then try to soak all the water with tissues and turn it off immediately and don’t turn it on back. Don’t spill or cover the laptop with rice and don’t use a hairdryer as it will damage the internal parts of the Macbook. Wait and let it dry for 48 hours if it doesn’t work then seek help from apple service. 

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We have mentioned all the methods so that the chances to fix a water-damaged Macbook Air will be high and you can recover your data and laptop. But, also don’t try any things that will damage the internal sensitive part of the laptop and cause permanent damage. We hope you find this article, spilled water on Macbook Air and it turned off, really helpful and informative. 

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