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Stop the mouse from going to the second monitor

Stop the mouse from going to the second monitor

Stop the mouse from going to the second monitor

Stop the mouse from going to the second monitor

Sometimes it gets annoying when your mouse slips to another monitor, but you do not need to worry because we have the perfect solution for you.

All you have to do is go to the Settings of your computer and find the section for “Screen Resolution.” After that, look for the option of customization. This option will help you customize your display the way you wish. If you find the current alignment to be side-by-side, then you will have to change it to diagonal alignment because the reason why your mouse keeps slipping to the other monitor is because of this side-by-side alignment. You can make the alignment diagonal by dragging the other monitor to a diagonal angle. 

Now, to move across the other monitor, all you should do is move the mouse at a diagonal angle, and the control of another monitor will be instantly given to you. 

How to stop the cursor from going to the second monitor while gaming?

If your mouse keeps going to the other screen while you are in the middle of your gameplay, then you should try this method:

You can either choose this method and change the alignment of the two monitors diagonally, so your mouse only moves over to the other screen when you tell it to, or you can choose to download a free application called “Dual Monitors.” You can start using this application after launching it on your desktop. 

Once that is done, you can explore the application and look for “General.” In this section, there will be an option called “Lock Cursor onto Screen,” to enable this option, you have to click “Change” on the button beside it. This will keep your mouse locked to your screen unless you go back into the application and unlock it. 

For gaming purposes, this is the best way to keep your mouse stuck to your screen.

How to stop the mouse from going to the second monitor CSGO?

The easy way to fix this is using the mode called “Borderless Window.” When you run your CS: GO game in this mode, your mouse will remain locked to the Borderless Window in which your game is running. It will not affect the actions you perform on your secondary monitor as the primary monitor will remain active as long as the Borderless Window mode is enabled. 

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How to stop the mouse from going to second monitor apex legends?

The best way to stop the mouse from going to the second monitor while playing Apex Legends is through downloading an application called “Cursor Lock.” This software is quite old but does the work for a freely roaming mouse between the dual monitors just perfectly. All you have to do is download the 2013 version of this application of your PC and enable the lock option for your mouse to stay locked to your primary monitor. Every time you play Apex Legends, you must reboot the app, or it won’t work.

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