Tesla Bluetooth Not Working

If your Tesla Bluetooth Not Working, a myriad of issues can surround you instantly. Well, don’t panic; divide into this blog and explore the ways to fix the connection issue.

Like some incredible car manufacturing bands, Tesla also includes a Bluetooth-based system in their cars that help to lock and unlock the vehicle automatically.

Car owners authorize their key fob or mobile devices to close the door; they automatically close and ensure you. However, sometimes, you see yourself falling into Tesla Bluetooth not working trouble, and in this situation, car locking and unlocking become a huge trouble. So what are the solutions you are wondering about?

To quickly come out of this error, you can check the Bluetooth feature of your mobile, clean the cache, and look for a phone update; hopefully, the issue will be resolved.

You can read till the end to find more solutions to this issue.

Tesla Bluetooth Not Working

My Tesla Bluetooth Not Working

Modern-day cars come with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect the Phone, Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and other Bluetooth devices with the cars quite comfortably. With Bluetooth turning on, car drivers can make calls without holding the phone in hand. 

However, sometimes, users complain that Tesla Bluetooth is Not Working and are getting frustrated while opening and closing their vehicles.

There are many reasons behind this issue; when the car owners keep their Phones in their pocket, the center console, or the door pocket, the Bluetooth connection becomes weak, and they face difficulty pairing with other devices. Other reasons are problems with the touchscreen, the Tesla app, and the presence of special characters in the contact names. 

Let’s have a look into the reason in detail. 

Tesla Bluetooth Not Working: Common Reasons And Reliable Solutions 

Tesla Bluetooth stops working due to various reasons that are given below. Tesla owners need to work on this issue and try to resolve it as soon as possible.  

Let’s begin! 

Error 1: Car Touchscreen Might Face Some Problem 

Bluetooth pairing issues in Tesla arise due to faulty touch screens. In this situation, take the car to the service station and get a replacement for the touchscreen. The new screen might resolve the Bluetooth issue, and you will start enjoying making calls, listening to music, and much more. 

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Error 2: Check The App 

The first and foremost step when Tesla Bluetooth is not working is checking the app. Reload the app; if any update is available, don’t ignore it. Sometimes updating the app resolves the Bluetooth issue. Better to uninstall the Tesla app and reinstall the latest version from the App store or Google play store. 

Error 3: Presence Of Special Characters In The Username 

All phones have a lot of contacts that are saved with different names. The Bluetooth connection stops working or drops in the middle of the call if the contact name has special characters such as hyphens, dashes, parentheses, or commas.  

Solution: To avoid this Bluetooth issue, try not to use any unique character in the username. Permanently save the number with the alphabet and keep the phone and car near each other. 

Error 4: Try Hard And Soft Reset Of Touchscreen 

Many issues that arise in the Tesla car can be resolved through a soft and hard reboot. Drivers can do this while sitting in the driveway but unfortunately, if it won’t work for you, try to turn off the car and restart it. Many people find this helpful, so we hope it will work for you too. 

Steps For Soft Reset 

  • Park the car in the parking or garage 
  • Unplug all USB devices
  • Hold the scroll wheel on both buttons and wait for the touchscreen to turn black.
  • The car reboots when the Tesla logo appears. 
  • Now wait patiently until the screen power up again
  • Now try to re-establish the Bluetooth connection 

Steps For Hard Reset 

  • Park the car somewhere 
  • Unplug all the USB devices from the car, such as music USB
  • Press and hold the brake down
  • Hold the scroll wheel on both buttons and wait for the touchscreen to turn black. 
  • The car will reboot once the Tesla logo appears on the screen 
  • Before turning on the Bluetooth, wait for 2 to 3 minutes so that the screen will power on again.

Error 4: Steps for Tesla Car Full Power Off 

Following the step below, one can turn off the car and restart it again. 

Let’s have a look.  

  • Park the car in a quiet place, close all the doors 
  • Go to the car’s touchscreen, select control, then move to safety and security 
  • Wait for some time until the screen and interior lights turn off
  • Wait for at least 2 minutes until the car fully suits down
  • After a few minutes, press the brake pedal to wake up your Tesla
  • You can also wake up the vehicle by opening the doors
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If the Bluetooth issue is still present, move to the next step. 

Error 5: Clean the App Cache

It would be great if you also looked at the app’s cache because it saves all the activities you do on the app. In case of any bug, the app will malfunction and cause Bluetooth issues. 

It is always suggested to keep the latest Tesla app version and update it regularly; if any cache is present there, clean or delete it daily. 

Error 6: Always Check The Phone Updates in App

After making sure that the phone has the latest operating system, check for the updates of the phone in the Tesla pp. To know about updates, open the app, move settings, and phone. If there is any new update available, say hello to it. 

Error 7: Check For Bugs And Glitches In The Phone 

No matter how costly and elegant the device is, it will still face some issues, which is why devices and phones show users newer updates. After thorough checking, if you have found any problem in the phone hardware and software, such as facing difficulty in running youtube or any other app, it is an indication that a Bluetooth error comes from the phone. 

Solution: To overcome the Bluetooth not working error, switch off the phone. It will function properly if the bug or glitch is minor. But you still have to wait for some time and power on the phone again. 

Instead of powering the phone off, there is another option of restarting the phone. Hold the power button for some time will show you the restart option. Restart the phone and try to turn on the Bluetooth; now check whether it works with Tesla or not. 

Error 8: Keep An Eye On The Tesla Car Updates

Just like phones, the Tesla car also offers many updates. To see the updates, open the app, and move to control the software. If any update is waiting for your response, respond positively towards it. 

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Error 9: After Phone Updation, Re-Sync It With Tesla

Once you update the phone’s software, Bluetooth will lose connection to the Tesla car. Now re-sync the phone with the car. Move to the Bluetooth of the Phone, and remove the Tesla from the connected devices. 

Now turn off the phone or restart it again. After it gains power again, make a pairing to the car and check if the Bluetooth starts working or not. If the issue is not resolved, clear all the Tesla app’s cache data or install and reinstall it.

Error 10: Contact With Customer Service of Tesla

If the Tesla Bluetooth not working issue is still there after trying all the steps mentioned above, the problem is severe. In this situation, try to contact the Customer service Tesla. 

They have experienced professionals who can tell you the main issue and how to resolve it after thorough checking. So, take an appointment and start listening to music, making calls, and much more via Bluetooth. 

The Bottom Line

If your Tesla Bluetooth is not working, we understand it is big trouble as your normal vehicle working would flip upside down. Key fob connection will create hassles, so be quick and dig out the solution by reading our factors mentioned above.

All these solutions are trouble-free and easy to apply, so implement them to enjoy a smooth ride.

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