Tesla Key Card Not Working

Is your Tesla Key Card Not Working accurately? Do you recognize the primary causes of this issue? Check out this article to find relevant causes and solutions. 

The Tesla key card is an ideal alternative to car keys – it is durable, reliable, and significant maneuvering for several reasons. 

Users can simply place it on the B-pillar, a space between doors that locks or unlocks the door when the car light blinks. However, unfortunately, sometimes, users find a big problem with their Tesla key card and get panicked about a Tesla Key Card Not Working fault. 

The reasons could be a flaw in connection, any hindrance, defective card. If you also face any fault in the Tesla key card, don’t panic; just plunge into this article and uncover the reason for this issue and possible solutions.

Tesla Key Card Not Working

Tesla Key Card Not Working: Why Is It So? 

Many car owners faced Tesla’s key card not working issue in the past. So if you also get stuck in the parking lot due to this problem. There is no need to overthink; simply find the root cause of the issue without wasting time. 

Typically, the Tesla key card stops working due to the external interface, too cold outside temperature, you grab the wrong key card or may be due to scratches, or any other defect with the card. 

Let’s discuss the causes and solutions in detail. 

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Tesla Key Card Not Working: Anticipated Reasons

Tesla key cards stop working for many reasons; crack the reasons so you would be able to troubleshoot them as soon as possible. 

Let’s begin to find the card key working errors!

Issue 1: It is Unresponsive Due to External Interference  

The wallet is a thing to store cash, debit, credit, and visiting cards. Users also store their Tesla key card in it, which is not something extraordinary. The other cards or the wallet surface leave scratches on the key card, which may get damaged and stop working. Always try to store the key card in its holder to avoid future worries. 

Issue 2: User Grab the Wrong Key Card 

Tesla cars came with two key cards; people carried one in the cardholder and left the other at home. Due to a busy morning schedule, there is a high chance of picking the wrong key card. Now when the car owners try to unlock the car with this card, it remains unresponsive. It is better to pair both key cards with Tesla to avoid this situation. 

Issue 3: Defective Card

If the card is bent, has scratches, or is cracked due to any reason, unfortunately, it will no longer be able to work. So if you don’t want to bear the cost of buying a new card, keep it safe in the cardholder. 

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Besides all these reasons, if the weather is too chilly and the card gets colder or expands, it stops working. It is better to rub the card between your hands to warm it. 

Tesla Key Card Not Working: Some Quick Fixes

Below are some quick methods to fix Tesla key card;

Fix 1: Better to Store The Key Card Separately

The lightweight and thin key cards of Tesla vehicles can easily be placed in a wallet, pocket, or purse where you store many other things. Sometimes the card can not work correctly due to interference with these objects. 

If the card is in the wallet, it stops working, so take it from the wallet or pocket and tap it on the RFID reader below the camera. By doing so, the reader will abolish the chances of external frequency.

Fix 2: Unlock the Car Using Key Fob 

Previously Tesla delivered the cars with two key cards and a key fob. But now they only send the vehicle with key cards, but still, we suggest keeping the key fob with you because technology will not work forever. If the card gets damaged, lost, or anything else, unlock the car with the key fob.

Fix 3: Replace The Card With New One 

If the Tesla key card gets damaged completely or stops working for any other reason, better to go for replacement. After getting a new card, sit inside the card and pair it with the car so that you will lock or unlock the vehicle conveniently.

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Final Words

If you are stuck with your Tesla Key card and wonder why it doesn’t operate accurately, you can find the reasons and troubleshooting ways in this blog post. Hopefully, once you try these solutions, your issue will resolve immediately.

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