Tesla Key Fob Battery

Are you puzzled about what a Tesla Key Fob Battery Is? Why is it so important? How does it operate? To crack these answers, jump into this blog post and unravel queries. 

The Tesla key fob detects the sensors in the rear bumper and front door and helps lock and unlock the cars. 

The Tesla key fob is an excellent alternative to car keys, key cards, and phone keys. The Tesla Key fob needs a battery to run, and of course, this battery gets low or wears and tears with time. 

To save yourself from hassles, you must know all about the Tesla key fob battery to protect yourself from sudden hassles. 

This article has distilled down the hidden functions of Tesla key fob batteries; you can explore them.

Tesla Key Fob Battery

How Long Does The Tesla Key Fob Battery Last? 

The key fob of Tesla works using a battery that lasts for one to two years, depending on its use – the usage and time of usage. 

If the battery works appropriately, the key fob operates the Tesla cars from at least three meters or one-foot distance. 

If the car door doors and handles become less responsive to the key fob’s instructions, it indicates that the Tesla key fob battery needs to be replaced because it weakens with time. 

Functions Of Tesla Key Fob: Which Particular Role Does It Play? 

Tesla car owners can purchase a key fob from any authorized shop with the Tesla logo on the front. This key has different buttons that perform several functions, making it exceptional. 

  • Double click the key fob to open the front truck.
  • Users can open the trunks and lock all doors with a single click. Unlock the doors with a double click. 
  • The charging port can also be opened while holding the button for at least two seconds. 
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What Happens When A Tesla Battery Is Dead?

When the Tesla key fob stops locking or unlocking the doors, trunks, and charging ports, it means the battery is dead or anything happens to the key fob inside. The door handle does not respond fully when the battery is near to die. But no worries, its battery is replaceable, buy a new one from any authorized dealer and replace it yourself because it is not a difficult task to do. 


If the battery is dead, you can still unlock the door within two minutes. Place the key to the B-pillar, a space between doors and slightly below the camera. Now be quick, get inside the car, and start driving. If two minutes have passed, put the key near the center console just like you do with the key card, and here it goes. 


Important Note: You will be happy to know that the key fob is water resistant but not waterproof because the battery may get wet if water gets inside. So, keeping the key fob away from water, humidity, extreme temperatures, and liquids is suggested. Also, keep it away from wax and chemicals. 

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What is the Procedure To Replace Key Fob Battery?

Replacing the battery is not rocket science, just open the fob and replace it. For this purpose, you need a CR2032 battery and screwdriver with a flat edge or any other tool with a flat end. Car owners will receive a message on the car’s touchscreen which says the battery is low. 


Follow the below-mentioned steps for battery replacement. 


Take Out the Back Cover  

Place the fob upside down on any flat surface. Now take out the back cover using a flat head screwdriver or another suitable tool. It is up to you what you think suits you better. 


Take Out the Dead Battery

Again take the flat-edged tool in hand and gently remove the battery. You have to be very careful and not damage other parts. 


Insert the New One 

Take out the cover of the new battery, if any, and do not touch the surface as the finger marks on the battery will reduce the lifespan. If the battery has any spots, clean them with a soft cloth. Now insert the newly purchased battery with the + sign facing upward. Press the battery softly so that it will firmly adjust into its place. 

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Attach the Back Cover 

It is time to again close the back cover. Press it a bit to confirm that it will not fall and is firmly attached to the key fob. 


Tesla batteries last for one or two years, and later you need to replace them; dig out this article to comprehend the details of the replacement procedure.

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