Tesla Key Fob Not Working

Undoubtedly, Tesla always offers innovative and unique features to its customers. The latest models not only use the old ways to unlock and lock the door, such as using keys; happily, now, key fobs, key cards, phone keys, and various other methods are introduced to handle the car quite comfortably. 

If Tesla Key Fob Not Working appropriately, Tesla locking and unlocking becomes an issue. Instead of getting panicked in this situation, you can dive into this article and unfold the solution for your ease.

Tesla Key Fob Not Working

Tesla Key Fob Not Working: What To Do?

A key fob is like a radio transmitter that sends signals to the car and unlocks or locks it from a distance. It is a straightforward way to control the car’s different functions, especially when you are in a hurry. But unfortunately, sometimes, people wonder why the Tesla key fob is not working.

The key fob stops working when the battery is dead; maybe you pick the wrong key fob, there is a fault inside or scratches on the surface of the key fob, or sometimes the car needs a hard or soft reboot. 

Below are the details; pour all critical information in mind and don’t get stuck in the parking lot with a locked car. 

Tesla Key Fob Not Working: Potential Reasons

The Tesla Key Fob Not Working issue is quite frustrating for car owners who don’t like to use Tesla’s innovative ways for locking or unlocking the cars, such as key cards and phone keys. 

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Let’s check out some possible reasons why the key fob stops working in detail. 

  • Dead Key Fob Battery Is The Main Cause 

The key fob runs because it has a battery that is adequately covered. So if suddenly the key fob stops working, the dead battery is the leading cause. Like any other remote control device, the key fob’s battery lifespan is almost 3 to 4 years. 

No worries if the battery of your fob is also dead; replace it with a new one, and happily, the replacement process is also straightforward. Take out the back cover gently, remove the dead battery, insert the new one, and here you go. It is all set to work again. 

Note: You will have a smile on your face after knowing this interesting fact the key fob still works with the dead battery unless or until the car detects it. It works because the chips used for the fob are made to work even with dead batteries. It passes the encrypted code through radio waves which the Tesla car computer reads and locks or unlocks the car when you need it. 

  • Figure Out If You Are Trying The Wrong Key Fob

If there is more than one Tesla vehicle at home, they will also have different key fobs – picking the wrong key fob becomes very common when you try to open the car with an unmatched key fob; your vehicle doesn’t assess the key fob. So, it is helpful to re-check whether it is your car key fob or not.

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Luckily, each Tesla model works with at least three different key fobs, and you will get to know the paired keys by following some simple steps. 

Go to the car’s touchscreen, move to control, then lock and + in the key section. Here, you will see the list of the paired key fobs. If you have picked the wrong key, it will be listed as unknown and will not work until you pair it with the right car. 

  • Identify If Your Key Fob Is Damaged

The key fob needs to be handled with care, but it sometimes falls due to mishandling and may get damaged. Scratches and defects inside are why the key fob stops working. 

To avoid this situation, always keep the alternative ways to operate the car. If it gets damaged, replace it with a new one and enjoy your rides.  

Besides all the methods mentioned above, all Tesla owners can try a hard or soft reboot because it will restore the car settings to factory default. 

Rebooting is a significant step, clearing all the errors and bringing the system back to its original form. Car owners can find complete rebooting ways on different Tesla forums or ask their customer service center for assistance.

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The Bottom Line

If your key fob is not working accurately, the car locking and unlocking become troublesome. So, you need to resolve this issue instantly; however, if you don’t know the ways, get into this article and explore the ways easily.

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