Tesla Key Ring

If you are a Tesla owner, you must have heard about the Tesla key Ring; Do you know what it is? What does it do, and why is it necessary to have it? Stay along to explore.

Thanks to the Tesla key ring that has made the car locking and unlocking even more accessible than ever. Though key fob, key card, and mobile key are great options, the Tesla key ring is an advanced, elegant, and convenient solution for opening the door. 

You can also customize Tesla key rings according to the vehicle model; these keyrings are sleek and convenient that look class on your finger. 

Typically, these key rings are made up of a silicone band connected to a metal key ring; in addition, it has an exceptional finish with an embossed logo.

You can also buy a key ring for your Tesla car to enjoy its unique features and look. Walk through our article and unfold more about the Tesla key ring.

Tesla Key Ring

What Is Tesla’s Key Ring?

Although key cards, key fobs, and phone keys are technologically advanced ways to open and close the various models of Tesla, such as Model 3, X, Y, and S. 

But those Tesla users who don’t like to lock or unlock their cars with these options can choose another interesting thing named Tesla Key Ring. 

Tesla Key Ring is a stylish and functional fashion accessory that users can wear in their hands and lock or unlock the car like they used a key card. It is durable, elegant, and waterproof. Furthermore, the Tesla car owners feel it convenient to wear because it is just like any other ring. 

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Tesla Key Ring: How Does It Work?

It works the same way the Tesla key card works because the key ring has RFID/NFC technology that detects the sensors near the door and conveniently operates the car. This brilliant innovation is made by the CNICK team and is readily available from Amazon at a reasonable price. 

Wear the ring on the left or right-hand middle finger and bring it near the B-pillar, a space between the front and back door. Do not touch the ring with the car; instead, touch the finger on which you wear this ring. Wait for two seconds until the sensors detect it. The vehicle is unlocked or locked when the mirror starts moving or light flashes. 

How To Activate Tesla Key Ring?

Just like the phone key and key card need activation to work with Tesla cars, the car user must need to activate the keyring first. Car owners can use both the Tesla app and the car’s touchscreen to start it. 


Follow these steps to activate the key ring with Tesla cars. 

  • Sit inside the car. 
  • Keep the key card with you before activation.
  • Move to the touchscreen of the car.
  • Tap on Locks.
  • Now click on the plus icon.
  • Hold the ring and key card in hand. 
  • Put them near the center console.
  • Wait until the car detects the key ring.
  • When the screen starts showing you the ring in the attached keys list, it is ready to use for locking or unlocking the Tesla. 
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Note: As the key ring is RFID and NFC enabled, it does not have a battery; hence, it does not need charging. However, the key ring is waterproof, but better not to make contact with water for safety. 

Features Of Tesla Key Ring

To develop a detailed insight, let’s dig out more about the Tesla key ring.

  • No Charging

Tesla key rings do not need charging, so you don’t need to worry about their charging, unlike key fobs. So if you don’t have a charged mobile or don’t want to spend any time with your mobile, a key ring is an excellent option for you. 

  • Seamless

So, locking, unlocking, and initiating your vehicle is no more difficult as key rings make the process seamless and help you start the car with one finger tap.

There is no need to touch the vehicle’s surface with the key ring, but taping the knuckle is enough. 

In addition to seamless and charging issues, Tesla rings are eco-friendly and waterproof.

The Bottom Line

The Tesla key ring is a convenient and reliable backup key that is simple to use. Moreover, it is made of biodegradable material and is eco-friendly and waterproof. You can carry these rings even when you are taking a shower and swimming. 

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Explore more about the Tesla key ring by reading the above discussion.


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