Tesla Loading Error

Are you facing a Tesla loading error dilemma? This blog post includes detailed solutions to Tesla streaming, Spotify, and USB errors; resolve the errors by reading the blog.

Many Tesla costumes report that they get a Tesla loading error notification while playing or streaming music. It is undoubtedly a frustrating bug because many people love live streaming while traveling to keep themselves fresh, particularly during long and tiring journeys. 

However, due to loading and buffering issues, Tesla users are unable to create and stream their playlists; moreover, they can also not enjoy curated streaming stations. Various car owners also report Spotify loading errors.

To fix these issues, Tesla users can try a system reboot, or a screen-only reboot sometimes works because the car often goes to sleep between drives, so when you apply these hacks, the issue will be resolved automatically.

Walk through this article to unravel the various kinds of Tesla leading errors – streaming, Spotify, and USB.  

So here you go!

Tesla Loading Error

Tesla Loading Error 1: Streaming

Loading errors while streaming is disturbing for Tesla car owners, but there is no need to be worried – crack the details to resolve these issues:

Solution 1: Turn Off Tesla 

If you also face a Tesla loading error, try to turn off the car and wait for some time. It might not work great for some users, but others said it is beneficial. We suggest turning the car off and turning it on after waiting patiently for some time. 

Solution 2: Switch To Another Internet Connection

It is not good to conclude without checking each possible because Tesla is not always the culprit, but it may be your internet connection. Yes, the internet connection is often unstable or does not catch full signals due to a loading error.  

In this case, it is recommended to swap to the phone’s hotspot and check whether the loading error is gone or not. If it does not show again, it means the issue was on the internet. 

Solution 3: Try Resetting Of Infotainment System

Resetting the infotainment system may work for many users but not others. Whatever at least you can try it once; after resetting, stream music and check whether the issue is resolved or not. 

Solution 4: Check For Tesla Car Updates

You may face a Tesla loading error because of the dropping in the 3G coverage of the car. To avoid this issue, update the vehicle by taking it to the service center. It is an excellent trick many Tesla car owners use, and it fixes the problem the next time they stream the music.  

Many times Tesla shows a loading error when users try to listen to music via USB. Below mentioned tricks may be helpful for you to get rid of this USB loading error. 

Tesla Loading Error 2: Playing Music Or Loading Files Via USB Thumb Drive 

Tesla is a renowned electric car manufacturing company that offers many innovative features that are difficult to find in competitors’ cars. But not everything is perfect; sometimes, this car also shows bugs, one of which is a Loading error when users want to upload files through USB or play music via a USB thumb drive. 

Unfortunately, if you are the one who comes across a file loading error via USB, follow the methods given below and stay happy.

Solution 1: Try Rebooting The Device

When the users attach the device to their laptops, computers, and other gadgets, it catches the virus and becomes corrupt. Due to this, Tesla shows USB loading errors to car owners. 

In this case, rebooting the USB device is the best solution because it will format all the files and data. After rebooting, upload the music files and attach them to the Tesla. We hope the car will not show a loading error again. 

Solution 2: Check The Files Format

When the USB stat shows an error or hangs, the first thing to check is the file format. Document and image files are stored in JPG, word, PDF, and other structures, while music files have different formats. 

So, before storing the music or other files on a USB, you need to check whether the format is compatible with the Tesla car or not. If the format is not supported, it would be better to change the file format, especially music files. 

Solution 3: Check The Settings After Update

Sometimes, a USB loading error comes after the car owners update the Tesla to sentry mode. Due to this, all the settings change back to the factory reset. To make the USB work again, change the mode of the system and return to the old settings. If you face difficulty changing the settings, there is nothing but waiting until the car receives the next software update. 

Tesla Loading Error 3: Spotify 

Tesla is a globally recognized brand; its buyers mainly belong to European countries. Many European owners report that Tesla shows loading errors with Spotify. 

 The users can log in to Spotify through two methods: via a premium account and a Tesla account. But many times, Spotify doesn’t show anything and gets stuck even after users enter the login details. 

The issue persists even when they try using the Tesla account. It is a clear indication that there is something serious that needs to be resolved. 

Below mentioned methods are helpful but not the best for some users, but at least they can try them. If these ways are useless, there is nothing but to contact the Tesla support team.  

Solution 1: Try To Change the Language of the System From English to Any other 

Changing the system language from English to Dutch, German, or another might help. To change the language, move to the menu page and check the settings on the left side. 

From many settings, you need to select the display settings. Tap on it and look for the change the language option. 

It is usually set to English; upon clicking, it will give a lot of other languages. Choose any as per your liking, and click yes. Now, wait for some time until the system restarts. 

Next time the system comes in the set language, it is evident that this language is new to you, so select Spotify via its icon. 

Doing this will resolve the issue with Spotify login; now, repeat the steps to change the language to English again. 

If unluckily, it won’t work for your car, try opting for the following method. 

Solution 2: Update The Tesla System To Latest Version 

Occasionally, if you don’t update the Tesla system, it can create a loading error in your car – very often, the oldest version in your system is considered the root cause of the Tesla loading bug.

You can figure out whether your system needs the latest version or not by visiting the system’s menu. If you find your system has an old version, instantly update it with the latest one. 

Point To Consider: Tesla V11 is the latest available Tesla version.

After updating the system, restart the system, and go to Spotify App to play the music.

Hopefully, the issues will resolve – you need to keep checking the system updates frequently.

Note: Your system often doesn’t need any update, but the Spotify app itself needs upgradation, so updating the app would reduce the bug and increase the app’s compatibility with your system.

The Bottom Line

Tesla offers various services – streaming, Spotify, and USB but despite these favors, Tesla’s loading Error dilemma is massive trouble because the music and movies take ample time to load. Customers cannot create their music playlists, and the radio does work appropriately.

So this blog post includes the solution to this trouble, such as system rebooting and switching to the radio and from radio to streaming can resolve the issues. The latter-mentioned method is highly advantageous in overcoming the loading error issue.

For details – you can explore this article and find the solution, so you may not need to wait for a contractor every time to fix your errors.

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