Tesla Model 3 Phone Key Problems

Is your Tesla vehicle not synchronizing with the key car? Are you upset about what to do if Tesla Model 3 Phone Key Problems during connection? Hold on! This article will reveal the solution.

Tesla Model 3 is a car made on future-based strategies and mainly designed for quick acceleration, electric-powered performance, fast charging, and long range.

This car includes many other features, such as phone keys that increase the ease of locking and unlocking the vehicle. 

However, far too often, the phone key of this car creates trouble in assessing and unlocking; have you ever been through this situation? Tesla Model 3 phone key problems are irritating and frustrating due to poor/out of range Bluetooth connection. 

To troubleshoot this pesky issue, first, you need to install advanced Tesla software and then ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and paired with the car. Hopefully, these actions will unravel the issue; however, if the problem is prolonged, you can jump into the next section of this article to find a detailed and appropriate solution.

Tesla Model 3 Phone Key Problems

Tesla Model 3 Phone Key Problems: Why Am I Facing It?

The standard issue faced by Tesla Model 3 owners is the phone key. It does not unlock or start the car because the vehicle cannot recognize the paired phone. Tesla Model 3 phone key problems may occur due to many reasons.  

Model 3 sometimes does not get locked or unlocked with the phone key because Bluetooth is not enabled, or maybe the phone is set to airplane mode, and remember, when the phone is in airplane mode, it will not sync with the car.

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Another reason might be the issue lies in the Tesla app, so try to uninstall and reinstall it. The problem may also arise when one phone is added to the car twice. 

Tesla Model 3 Phone Key Problems: Causes & Solutions

Tesla Model 3 does not recognize the phone and no longer works to lock or unlock the car. Well, there is no need to worry; the problems with the phone key may happen for several reasons. 

Let’s discuss the issues and the easiest ways to overcome them.

App Stops Running On Phone 

The issue in the app is the first and foremost reason the phone key won’t work with TeslaModel 3. Maybe the app is not running because the phone is not connected to the network. 

Check the phone’s internet connection and move to the Tesla app; now, when the app starts working, we hope the phone key problem is also resolved. Before trying other fixes, firstly, check the app thoroughly.  

Before Using Phone as Key, Log in to the App First 

Another reason why the Phone key is showing a problem is that you are not logged in on the Tesla app. Unlock the phone, open the Tesla app and enter a valid username and password. By doing so, the phone and car will connect immediately. 

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Check The Bluetooth And Turn Off The Airplane Mode

Turn on the Bluetooth of the smartphone and check whether the airplane mode is off or not. If the Bluetooth is not enabled and the airplane is on, the phone key does not work. So, as a Tesla Model 3 owner, it would be better if you checked the Bluetooth and Airplane mode before trying any other solution. 

Reinstall the App – It May Help

If the problem is still existing after trying all the fixes mentioned above, uninstall the Tesla app from the smartphone and reinstall the latest version.  

Take the phone in hand, press and hold the app and tap the X on the screen. Simply confirm the uninstallation process. Wait for some time, go to the app store, and download the Tesla app again. 

Enter the username and password, and check if the phone key starts working. It is a great fix and works immediately after logging in to the app. 

We hope you will not face this issue again in the future. Besides these fixes, always keep the latest software of Tesla on your mobile. One thing more – if you pair two phones with the Model 3, both phones are in your hands – ensure the one phone’s Bluetooth is off because Tesla will accept only one phone key simultaneously.

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