Tesla Phone Key Not Working

Are you going to open a Tesla through the Phone Key? What? Is your Tesla Phone Key Not Working? No worries, I have reliable solutions – extract! 

The Tesla Phone key has flipped the traditional way of unlocking the car door because it is a convenient and easy way to lock or unlock the car, but unfortunately, things do not remain the same forever. 

Many times Tesla owners face a Tesla phone key not working issue and get frustrated about what to do for a solution. There could be various causes of this irksome issue, such as the Bluetooth being powered off or the phone is set to airplane mode. These issues create hurdles in the performance of the Tesla phone key.

Another common reason behind the issue could be that the key has been attached to the car twice. So, if the Tesla phone key does not respond to the software updates, any of the said bugs may happen. 

Walk through this blog post to find the troubleshooting ways. 

Tesla Phone Key Not Working

How To Pair Phone With Tesla To Use It As A Phone Key 

Happily, now Tesla offers its users to use the phone as a key to lock or unlock the car; for this purpose, car owners need to pair the phone with their Tesla cars. It is not rocket science; anyone can conveniently pair the phone with the vehicle. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps. 

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Note: If you already paired the phone with the Tesla and it doesn’t work, start from Tesla reboot, then uninstall the app and reinstall it. Otherwise, start from the below-mentioned step if you pair the phone for the first time. 

  • Sit in the car and move to its touchscreen
  • Tap the car icon present at the lower left
  • Now select Locks
  • Choose the + button present next to the key text 
  • Click to add the Phone as key 
  • Now take the smartphone in hand with the installed Tesla app 
  • Login to the ap using the valid username and password
  • For setting the phone as a key from tesla pp, select Phone key 
  • Always make sure that the phone and Tesla are close to each other
  • Now, choose the start option on your iPhone or Android.
  • Wait for some seconds until the phone finds the Tesla 
  • Once the phone is paired with the car, you will receive a success message
  • From the car’s touchscreen, select. 

This is how Tesla owners pair the phone with the car and use it as a Key next time when going to ride. 

Tesla Phone Key not Working: What to Do?

If the Tesla phone key is not working, you need to check a few things immediately. We hope these fixes will resolve the issue and bring back the smile on your face. 

Let’s get started! 

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Suggestion 1: Make Sure Bluetooth is Enabled

Most of the time, the phone key stops working because Bluetooth is not enabled on your smartphone. So, always make sure to keep it enabled and check whether the key starts working or not. If still, it does not respond, move to the next fix.  

Suggestion 2: Install Latest Tesla Software 

On your phone, install the latest Tesla software, and better to keep an eye on software updates. If there are any updates present, don’t ignore them. Keeping the updated software is essential to enjoy properly working the phone key. 

Suggestion 3: Check the Phone Airplane Mode

The phone is often unable to sync with the Tesla car, and the biggest reason is that the phone is set on airplane mode. Turn off the airplane mode because the vehicle needs to communicate successfully with the phone. 

Suggestion 4: Check the App 

You must stay logged in on the Tesla app to use the phone as a key. If you log in and the key cannot respond, log out and log in again. If, after this, the issue persists, we have another idea. Uninstall the app and reinstall it on the phone. Now log in with the username and password; we hope it works.

After trying all the fixes above, we are sure that the phone key will start operating again and won’t create problems for you in the future. So, all the best!

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