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Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It: Yes Or No?

Tesla premium connectivity offers you handful of perks like the most unique feature that you get to use with the premium connectivity package is the live satellite imagery and the second most important feature for any Tesla owner is the live traffic visualisation that allows you to make decisions about selecting the right route to easily reach your destinations.

Other than these features, you can stream audio platforms like Spotify and video platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Disney+ and for paying just $9 a month or $99 for an entire year, you can access unlimited streaming using car’s cellular data network.

To use paid apps like Netflix or Disney+ you need to log in with your account to stream these platforms without using mobile hotspot.

With standard connectivity that you can enjoy for only eight years, you can access basic navigation, entertainment, and security features but with the premium connectivity subscription you get advanced navigation and infotainment options and the most important feature you get with the paid plan is the live camera mode to access cameras of your Tesla to scare away intruders trying to get into your car or your property.

So, access the cameras using the Tesla app from your smartphone anytime anywhere to get an idea of the surroundings.

Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It

Yes, Tesla premium connectivity is worth it if you want to make advanced route decisions to see traffic situation upfront, secure your vehicle accessing cameras remotely, and stream unlimited audio and videos even if you don’t have hotspot on your phone to connect with your vehicle.

If you think that these premium connectivity features are not of any help for you according to your car usage then you don’t have to pay for these features for whopping eight years. Although Tesla has discontinued network services from AT&T so you can experience connectivity issues but Google is still a big contributer in navigational services that Tesla pays from their pocket. So, now simply the users of Tesla will be paying for these services which Tesla lend from Google until they develop their own navigational softwares and start using Starlink Internet services from satellites all over the world.

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Does Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It

Connectivity is an essential component of almost all vehicles of Tesla as it enhances the user driving experience by giving access to various features. But sometimes, the user asks, is tesla premium connectivity worth it? 

The answer is yes, it is worth it, but not like FSD and Enhanced auto-pilot. Get it subscribed by paying $9.99 each month. It is not that much and is affordable for everyone. 

The change in technology and the amount of data needed for features such as Traffic Visualization urged Tesla to change the charges a bit. Recently, Tesla offered two types of connectivity: Premium connectivity and Standard connectivity.

How a Tesla Owner Can Subscribe to Premium Connectivity 

You can subscribe to Premium connectivity through your Tesla account. If the user bought the Tesla upgrades previously, the process becomes much more manageable; open the App, move to upgrades, and then subscribe. Now choose the premium connectivity and buy the subscription. 

No worries if the Tesla app is not working; use your car’s touchscreen. Go to controls, upgrade, and buy a subscription to Premium Connectivity. One can select the annual deal by paying $9.99, which we think is a cheap option for most Tesla users. 

How Do Standard and Premium Connectivity Differ From Each Other?

Connectivity in Tesla vehicles gives you a pleasurable driving experience by offering access to essential features such as live traffic visualization, streaming for media and music, and more. 

You might be familiar with the standard and premium connectivity if you own a Tesla car. Above we know that Tesla premium connectivity is worth it, but is it the same as Standard connectivity or not? 

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Let’s have a look! 

Standard Connectivity

Tesla sends their cars to the buyers with standard connectivity; happily, owners will not have to pay extra bucks for this for the first eight years. Sounds interesting; yes, the time limit starts when you receive the car and start using it. 

With this helpful connectivity, drivers will get access to many features on Wi-Fi, not just navigation and maps, but also enjoy music streaming via Bluetooth. 

Premium Connectivity

Premium connectivity is a bit different from the standard because it offers more to car owners, but unluckily this is not free. With this connectivity, users will get access to almost all the features on cellular. 

Tesla works hard to make the driver’s experience pleasant and joyful; the company offers premium connectivity.

Either pay $9.99 per month or get an annual plan by paying 99.9$. The Tesla app and the car’s touchscreen will significantly help users with subscriptions and purchases. 

One more thing that will bring a smile to your face is that Tesla Model X, S, Y, and 3 offer premium connectivity on a trial basis when delivered to buyers. 

Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It: How?

Tesla Premium Connectivity is Worth It because it offers access to almost every feature.

Let’s look at how it benefits car owners in many ways. 

Enhance The Navigation

Tesla premium connectivity has a lot of benefits, but the first and foremost advantage it gives owners is a real-time visualization of traffic coming behind your vehicle. If you are in a hurry and worry about the city’s heavy traffic, find a better route through this. 

Further, it shows traffic on the car screen and keeps you safe from accidents. One of the endless features gives access to satellite maps, so you will quickly locate nearby required destinations. 

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Increase The Security Of The Car

The premium connectivity of Tesla helps to increase car safety. With the launch of live view, users will access the camera of the cars via an app on their smartphones. 

Final Words

Tesla is a powerful company that launches various systems and updates for its users’ favor, and so is Tesla’s premium connectivity. Users often wonder whether they should buy this connectivity or not. According to us, it is really worthwhile to invest in premium connectivity as it offers numerous incredible features.

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