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Tesla Safety Score Not Showing: Why Is It So?

If your Tesla Safety Score Not Showing, don’t try unreliable hacks but explore our proven tips and the potential causes that push you into this situation. You are covered!

Tesla safety helps the drivers to determine their driving transparency and the feedback from other drivers or their team. However, suppose drivers want to identify their Safety Score. In that case, they must have excellent Self Driving experience, and in addition, they must ensure that their Tesla Account is authorized and re-established.

In some cases, for various reasons, Tesla Safety Score Not Showing – you need to ensure your Tesla account’s connection; if any error occurs, log out and log back into your account to eradicate this issue. After restoring to your accountant, you will be capable of finding your Tesla safety score in TezLab. 

If you still cannot find the Tesla score, sort out the issue by implementing the solutions discussed ahead.

Tesla Safety Score Not Showing

Tesla Safety Score Not Showing: Explore The Reason

Tesla’s safety score ranges from 0 to 100 and measures driver driving behavior. If you are an iPhone user, you can view your Safety score, but no worries, it will be available for Android users soon, as said by the Tesla authorities. 

It measures the scores based on five categories: unsafe following, hard braking, forward collision warnings, severe turns, and Forced Autopilot Disengagement. 

But if, in any case, the Tesla safety is score not showing on the app, then there is no need to worry; it happens to many. 

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There are many reasons behind this; your app may be outdated, there is a firmware issue, or the Tesla account may not work. It is limited to 2021.32.22 vehicles and owners based in the US. 

Why Is The Safety Score Not Visible On Drives?

If you want to check the safety score, the car must have FSD or Full Self Driving capability. The user must re-create the Tesla account if the car owner does not have FSD beta and the score is invisible. 

If the score is not showing on the app, log out to the Tesla account and log in again. Now, hold on for at least 24 hours until the score gets updated. 

How Does It Work?

Firstly Tesla car owners must get access to FSD or Full Self Driving. You can get this via subscription or buying by paying $99 monthly. This price is for Tesla with EAP or pays $199 for Tesla having AP. Currently, it is not available for everyone. But stay happy; Tesla is working on it, so it will be shown to everyone. 

We don’t need to dig out the detailed formulas and methods of getting the safety score of each car owner, but we can summarize it in a brief description. Tesla develops a PCF (Predicted Collision Frequency) from a weighted average of daily datasets of drivers’ safety factors. 

The final result is an adjustment of the calculated predicted collision frequency ranging from 0 to 100. One can view it daily, or you can see the monthly score. 

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Note: You must drive at least 0.1 miles to get the total safety score. 

Things To Perform For Viewing Safety Score 

As soon as the Tesla Safety Score section is activated on Tesla between upgrades and security, the app section starts showing you the score. After a ride, if the user wants to check the score, they must connect the mobile to the network. 

But if the Tesla safety score is not showing, you must follow some steps. We hope it will work, and Tesla car owners will get the total safety score. 

  • First, ensure that in your Tesla, the firmware is updated to 2021.32.22.
  • Login to the Tesla Owner accounts for the car. 
  • Always keep the latest version of the app. 
  • Users must need to have Tesla insurance coverage. 
  • Drivers must drive at least 0.1 miles or more to get the score and wait for some time so it gets updated. 
  • If the score isn’t showing, log out from the app and, after some time, log in again; after this, see if the app starts showing you the score or not. 
  • If the issue persists, uninstall the app, and reinstall it.

The Bottom Line

Tesla’s safety score helps the drivers assess their performance, but if a case is not working, a driver should quickly decipher the issue. Here we have enlisted ultimate solutions that you can follow – apply to straightforwardly resolve this issue.

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