Tesla Spotify Not Working ( Easy Fixes )

Driving your car without listening to music is not possible, and the best companion to listen to your favourite music while driving is Spotify.

That is installed already in Tesla with a Standard connectivity package that will require a mobile hotspot to load your favourite tracks.

But having premium connectivity will allow you to stream songs on the Tesla screen without connecting hotspot with the help of the car’s cellular network because you have paid for it.

Most importantly, having these audio and video streaming apps in your Car allows you to avoid distractions which are caused by using a mobile phone just for changing apps or changing sings and sometimes this distraction results in fatal accidents. So Tesla owners can stream their favourite tracks on a bigger screen that is much less distracting than using a mobile phone so you can get a seamless music experience.

Tesla Spotify Not Working

Tesla owners face a ridiculous Tesla Spotify issue due to which app opens perfectly but doesn’t play a song or get stuck or keeps loading as there are several reasons behind in like unable or poor internet connection, outdated Spotify app, outdated Tesla version, expired subscription, Spotify server not responding and so on.

Tesla Spotify Not Working

In this article, I am going to discuss different reasons that cause Tesla Spotify to malfunction and a handful of solutions to troubleshooting the Tesla Spotify issue so that you can enjoy entertainment services in Tesla without any problems.

Why Spotify Not Working in Tesla

Spotify app usually gives an error when trying to log in, and you enter your correct login credentials ( Username and password ), and the app doesn’t seem to work anymore. Either it gets frozen, keeps loading, or sometimes allows you to select your artist, songs, or playlists, but when you hit the play button, it just doesn’t play anything.

The app usually gets stuck when there is an unstable Wi-Fi network. Still, if the internet connection is strong, that means the app is unresponsive due to any software glitch and prevents playing songs or loading anything, making you feel like there is an internet issue.

The outdated version of the Spotify app is also one of the biggest reasons for Spotify Tesla’s problem, as older versions with bugs or glitches cause apps not to work correctly, and therefore, troubleshooting is required.

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So, let’s see how you can fix the Tesla Spotify Issue so that you can listen to your favourite music while driving.

Troubleshooting Tesla Spotify Not Working

Before proceeding with troubleshooting, make sure that you are using the premium Spotify account as paid subscribers enjoy unlimited streaming without ads or interruptions having a trial subscription sometimes stops you from accessing all songs and tracks, so make sure that you have an active paid subscription to Spotify.

Let’s now discuss the Solutions to fix the Tesla Spotify problem.

Logout and Login back to Spotify

Sometimes the most obvious solution seems to work that we keep ignoring, like simply logging out and logging back into the Spotify app, can stop the unusual behaviour of the Spotify app, and all the problems or glitches the app is experiencing will be gone.

Once you log back into the app, the premium version of Spotify will work seamlessly, and you can stream your favourite songs and music by all the artists. Just make sure that you don’t have a trial account and that you are using a paid version of Spotify, and then you will access all the UI and UX without any problem.

Switch to TuneIn App and Back to Spotify

Switching between other apps is a great way to check if it’s the music streaming app that is causing the issue or if there is any other problem, like the internet is causing the issue. So you can close the Spotify app and access another app from the screen, like the TuneIn app and try using that app to verify if this app works fine, then Spotify is the culprit, but if the other app also causes the same problems, like Spotify, then there is something else causing Spotify to not work with Tesla.

So, if Spotify is getting unresponsive, try updating the Spotify app version, as upgrading to the latest version will bring new security features that will remove anomalies and bugs in the older or outdated version.

If something else stops Spotify from working smoothly, then power cycle the Tesla, which means restarting it. That works like a soft reset and probably will clear away all the bugs or problems Tesla is facing. Then try accessing Spotify, and the app should work fine now.

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Use Spotify on your Phone and Connect via Bluetooth

In case you don’t have time to fix the Tesla Spotify problem or you will figure it out later but want to enjoy a song or two while going on the road, then you can access Spotify from your phone to access all the songs by connecting your phone with Tesla using Bluetooth.

For that, you must install the Spotify app on your iOS or Android smartphone and then log into the app. Turn on Bluetooth and connect with your Tesla. From your phone, go to the Media source, open the Spotify app, 

Connect Tesla to Phone Hotspot

In case your Tesla is facing connectivity problems which is a possibility as AT&T has cancelled their contract with Tesla, Tesla owners can face serious connectivity problems. So, those facing internet down issues can consider using a mobile hotspot with Tesla to stream Spotify music.

To do that, enable the hotspot from your iPhone or Android smartphone and make sure to put the car in Drive or reverse mode to connect with the Mobile hotspot. Then, tap the LTE bars on the Tesla screen and from the WiFi settings, choose your mobile to connect, enter the authentication password, and start using Spotify.

Alter System Language

Another helpful technique to fix the Tesla Spotify issue is changing the system language, which means you will change the language and if the app starts working in another language, then revert to the default or your desired language so that you can easily use the Tesla screen.

For that, go to your Menu page, then settings, and then display settings, and from the language section, change English to any other language and must not forget this process as you have to come back to change the language back to English as well. So, choose your desired language from the options and after that system will restart once it comes back; start the app and if it starts working, then change the language back to default, which is English and enjoy streaming music.

How to Log out of Spotify on Tesla?

To log out Spotify from Tesla, open the Spotify app, and scroll down to the bottom of the list of songs, and from there, you will see the Sign out button. Hit it, and you will be signed out of the app.

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Does Tesla Premium connectivity include Spotify?

Tesla Premium connectivity allows you to stream those platforms but requires a paid subscription account for platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, and YouTube,, which is free.

Do you need Spotify Premium for Tesla?

You need a paid Spotify account to stream unlimited music without ads or interruptions.

How to connect Spotify to Tesla?

To connect Spotify to Tesla, log into your Tesla account and then log into your Spotify account and you are done.

Another option you have is offline listening by connecting a USB with Tesla, which means inserting a USB filled with songs into Tesla in case you don’t have a paid subscription to Spotify, the app isn’t working, or the Tesla network is down.

Advice for Tesla owners is to keep their Tesla system updated, as having outdated system software can cause serious trouble. Although Tesla automatically sends updates, if your system, due for any reason, isn’t getting updated automatically, then you should do something about it.


If you are still experiencing Tesla Spotify issues, contact Spotify customer support or Tesla support. First, do your diagnosis and inspection to find the reason so you can spend your time on the right thing.

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