Vizio TV keeps turning off after a few seconds

Vizio TV keeps turning off after a few seconds

In this article, we talk about a common problem that Vizio TV users may go through which is when their TV keeps turning off after a few seconds. We will go over the possible reasons as to why this happens and how you can fix them to have a flawless TV experience.

Vizio TV keeps turning off after a few seconds

Vizio TVs demonstrate why televisions are so popular throughout the market. It’s not just a question of cost. They offer great features and great image quality. It is an American corporation that offers television sets, soundbars, viewer data, and advertising. It was founded in 2002, and its graph has only risen since then!

It is in high demand because of its display and sound capabilities. However, several of its customers have recently complained about display difficulties. If you are one of the users experiencing this issue, you have come to the correct spot.

Nothing is more annoying than your Vizio TV going off after a few seconds in the middle of binging your favorite weekend TV shows.  It’s time to figure things out before you lose your cool.

If your Vizio TV keeps going off, the problem might be overheating, a power loss, or a faulty socket. Make sure the Sleep Timer is turned off and the “Auto Power Off” option is turned off. If necessary, you may replace the power cord for roughly $10.

Continue reading to discover more about Vizio Inc.’s objective to provide cheap technology, why your Vizio TV keeps going off, and how to resolve the issue.

Why does my Vizio TV keep turning on/off after a few seconds:

Vizio TVs are well-known for their display capabilities. It has a plethora of different options and functions. However, people may misinterpret them and mistake them for a flaw. There might be a variety of causes for the Vizio TV to switch off after a few seconds.

An incorrect setting or a specific portion of the gadget are the two most common causes. You may have altered a setting that is causing the issue. If you are facing this problem then you can go ahead and check if any of the below apply to your situation as they may be contributing to the problem you are facing.

  • Check the HDMI receiver’s power supply.
  • Some Vizio Smart TVs keep the power on when your Vizio Smart TV device is in standby mode.
  • If your Vizio TV turns on by itself after being turned off in standby mode.
  • To prevent your Vizio TV from turning itself off and on, follow the steps below.
  • However, this is a problem that is not exclusive to Vizio TVs. Frequently, the Hisense TV or the Sharp TV would switch off on their own. It is a widespread issue.
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How to fix this problem:

You may be wondering why this is the case in the first place, but don’t worry. It does not imply that your Vizio TV will break. This fairly inconvenient mistake is frequently caused by something trivial. And it’s not only Vizio smart TVs that are affected. 

All of the issues and solutions are easily applicable to any other model of smart TV. Here’s a list of remedies you might attempt if your Vizio TV appears to be acting strangely. It is critical to consider the possibility of a Vizio TV rebooting loop, therefore the best option is to take it to a professional.

1)Check Connected Devices:

There’s a chance that a Streaming gadget is to blame for the issue. A Fire TV Stick or Roku streaming player might be the source of the problem. If your Vizio TV goes off while watching Hulu or using either of these devices, the solution may be simple.

Unplug them for a night, or maybe a few days, to be sure and observe whether the problem remains. The device input or cable may be damaged and must be replaced. You may also try deactivating HDMI CEC in your TV for a while to rule out any other options.

2)Check the remote power button:

Shouldn’t it be humorous if it turns on the Power button on your remote control? Whether it’s funny or not, it’s not an unlikely situation. It may appear to be stuck, but it may not be. It is preferable to delete the command and thoroughly clean it.

Take your time, don’t rush, and make sure every trace of dust is removed. It’s a wise thing to do, even if it’s not the reason your Vizio turns on.

3)Check the remote control’s batteries:

This may appear to be an incongruous answer, yet it makes a lot of sense. This is why. When the batteries run out, they might send out random signals in the direction of your television.

They occasionally turn it on. But how do you know when it’s time to change the batteries? If you have to press a control button more than once, that’s a good indicator.

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4)Look for nearby TVs:

While most TVs should not interact with each other, TVs of similar manufacturers can readily intercept each other’s remote instructions if they are close together. If you had a Vizio in the living room and a Vizio in the front room of your apartment, for example, signals from the other area may impact the TV set in the other room. 

It’s possible that your next-door neighbor uses a global remote control that transmits suitable codes to your TV; it’s uncommon, but it may happen. There have even been reports of direct sunlight entering a room through a window, fooling the infrared sensors, and causing the TV to turn on.

5)Reset your Vizio TV:

You may be hesitant to do a factory reset on your smart TV, but it is sometimes the best option.

Factory resets are the last option, but they frequently resolve the issue with your gadget, even smart TVs.

Follow these steps to reset your Vizio:

  1. Using your Vizio remote, navigate to the menu.
  2. Go to Settings, then System, and finally OK.
  3. “Reset TV to factory defaults” should be selected.
  4. If you do not have the parental code, when requested for a password, enter 0 0 0 0 0.
  5. Choose “Reset” and hit OK.
  6. Allow your television to switch off.
  7. Once the restart operation has been completed, the configuration must be repeated.

Please keep in mind that any existing data and settings on Vizio will be lost. However, your Vizio should no longer switch on by itself.

Your Vizio TV turning on and off by itself may make your experience unpleasant and so, you can take steps to ensure this is not going to be a recurring occurrence.

How do I stop my Vizio TV from turning off?

If you are still having this issue after doing a factory reset, it is important to contact the manufacturer directly. You may contact Vizio customer service by visiting their website and dialing their toll-free number.

You may also send a text message or engage in live chat with an agent. They may be able to correct the problem or inform you whether you are qualified for a replacement television.

Please only turn on your television when you want it to. If your Vizio is turned on most of the time, you may not even notice this issue. However, if you want to keep your screen time scheduled, automatic turning on may be an issue. 

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Fortunately, there is a simple remedy that you may test on your own. Check that the batteries are new and that the remote control is not “sticky.” Examine the system settings and the power mode. Check that all gadgets and cables are in working order. Also, if required, follow the factory reset steps.


Vizio TVs are wonderful for budget-conscious shoppers, but even the greatest goods can develop a flaw.

When your Vizio TV continues going off after a few seconds, the explanation might be a variety of variables, therefore it’s critical to precisely identify the culprit. It might be caused by a power loss or even a faulty cable.

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