Vizio TV shuts off during Netflix

Vizio TV shuts off during Netflix

In this article, we’ll be talking about the issue where a Vizio TV shuts off while streaming Netflix. We’ll be going over the reasons and how to fix this issue so you can have a flawless experience.

Vizio TV shuts off during Netflix

If you bought one of Vizio’s low-cost smart TVs only to have it start freezing and shutting down abruptly, you’re not alone. This is a well-known problem that has been reported by numerous Vizio customers. This post will give you a number of troubleshooting solutions to assist you in getting your Vizio TV operating properly again.

Netflix is a stand-alone entertainment platform that offers movies, TV series, and Netflix Originals, to mention a few options. It has a massive user base as a result of its presence on smartphones, websites, and even smart TVs such as the Vizio Smart TV. However, allegations of the Netflix app not functioning or crashing on Vizio Smart TV have surfaced, claiming that the program occasionally does not work or crashes on Vizio Smart TV. 

We scoured the internet for a solution and have included some of the troubleshooting procedures that have proven effective so far after I was able to duplicate comparable difficulties on my Vizio Smart TV.

Due to firmware problems, hardware failure, a bad internet connection, or system settings, the Vizio TV will freeze or switch off. To resolve this, restart the TV or modem/router, restore factory settings, update the firmware, reinstall applications, or disable Auto Power Off and CEC.

This article will walk you through the procedures necessary to repair your Vizio TV. On your TV, you may also discover step-by-step instructions to monitor your internet speed.

Why does Netflix crash on my Vizio TV?

As it turns out, there are a variety of probable causes for your Netflix app to crash or stop operating on your TV. It may be as easy as no internet connectivity or a Netflix server outage, or it could be more complicated, such as the Netflix app or the software that your Vizio TV runs on having glitched out, and so on.

Check if your internet connection is working:

When you discover that the Netflix app on your TV isn’t working, it’s time to start with the obvious. Check to see if your internet connection is operational. Netflix requires a constant internet connection to function, and if you don’t have one, you’ll get a blank page when you launch the Netflix app. To ensure that all Netflix services are provided efficiently, you must have a functional internet connection with a good internet speed.

To see if the internet is working, try utilizing another app. You may also use your phone linked to the same Wi-Fi network to check it. Whether your internet connection is weak, move your TV closer to the router or the router closer to the TV and see if this configuration works for you. You may also utilize an ethernet connection so that the distance between the router and the TV is no longer an issue, and the TV enhances internet connectivity. Finally, contact your ISP to see if there have been any outages, which should help you narrow down the problem.

Perform a Power Cycle:

The Netflix app on your Vizio Smart TV has stopped operating. What would be the first thing you’d do? You can experiment with a soft power cycle to see if it makes a difference. To be honest, Netflix applications crashing or not working are frequently caused by a momentary glitch/issue that may be resolved with a simple reboot.

  1. On your Vizio TV remote, press the “Menu” button.
  2. Then, go to System >> Reset & Admin.
  3. Choose “Soft Power Cycle.”

This process will take a few seconds, following which the TV will turn off and reset.

Sign Out & Sign In your Netflix account:

Netflix is a well-known video-streaming entertainment destination where you may discover everything and everything. However, if you have trouble utilizing this, it will undermine the joy of subscribing to Netflix. To counteract this, you can sign out of your Netflix account and then login back in. Here’s how it’ll pan out for you.

  1. Navigate to the Netflix app on your TV’s Settings menu.
  2. Proceed to “Deactivate/reset/sign-out” and sign out as needed.
  3. I typically recommend restarting the television before logging back in, so do it.
  4. Log in using the same Netflix login credentials to see whether the problem has been repaired.
  5. If you have another Netflix account, consider using it because the one you’re using may be having problems. Netflix customer service will be able to provide information regarding the problems with your account.
  6. After you’ve logged in, launch Netflix, and try to play any material while keeping an eye on its performance.

Reset to Factory Settings:

If nothing else works, the last step is to perform a factory reset. Let’s see what you’re capable of.

  1. Start your Vizio Smart TV.
  2. On the remote, choose “Menu.”
  3. Select System >> Reset & Admin.
  4. Simply choose “Reset to Factory Settings” and you’re done.
  5. When the TV resumes, you must re-configure it in the same manner as when you originally purchased it.
  6. Install Netflix on your TV if it isn’t already installed.
  7. Sign up using your Netflix account and keep an eye on its performance for any crashing or freezing issues. You are ready to travel if everything is in order.

Contact Customer Service:

If nothing else seems to work, take your TV to the manufacturer, and report the problem. If everything on your TV works except Netflix, hardware is very improbable, however, you may be experiencing problems with the software. 

You may contact both Vizio and Netflix customer support for troubleshooting instructions particular to your situation, or you can visit a nearby authorized or local service facility to get the problem resolved.


These were some of the troubleshooting techniques I was able to employ on my Vizio Smart TV. It should be noted that other people tried it as well, so it depends on the reason of the issue on your end if a specific way will cure the issue of whether you will have to remove a number of them one by one to restore the Netflix app on the smart TV.

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