Vizio TV turns off when changing volume

Vizio TV turns off when changing volume

In this article, we talk about the problem in some Vizio TV where the TV turns off when the user tries changing the volume level. We’ll also be going over the reasons as to why this happens and how you can fix it to have an enjoyable TV watching experience with your Vizio Smart TV.

Vizio TV turns off when changing volume

Vizio televisions offer sophisticated sound settings that might be difficult to solve. Fortunately, if the volume on your Vizio TV continues increasing or you are experiencing a lack of sound, there is a simple remedy. In many situations, the problem is a simple dispute between applications that control the sound settings, and a fast trip to and change of these settings will remedy the issue.

So, your Vizio TV shuts down on its own, and you’re left wondering what’s causing the obvious problem. You’re not by yourself. Several Vizio users are experiencing this issue, but we have a couple of remedies up our sleeves.

Your Vizio TV shuts off on its own for a variety of reasons. For example, if ‘Auto Off’ is enabled, there is a power surge, your TV is overheated, ‘CEC’ is engaged, you have a loose TV cable, another device is interfering with your TV, or the mainboard is broken. Some VIZIO TVs may continue to switch off owing to a malfunctioning input device, an overloaded internal memory, or a broken remote.

But if you are having a problem where your Vizio TV keeps turning off whenever you try changing the volume then you take a sigh of relief as this issue can be fixed. Read on so you understand why this is happening in the first place and how to get your way around it.

Reasons for this Problem:

Your Vizio might be repeating this problem for a variety of reasons, including power difficulties, interfering signals, and others. To understand the issue, you must first troubleshoot it by trying some of the more typical fixes. If you attempt all of the solutions in this article and the TV still restarts on its own, you may need to contact a professional to inspect or service the set.

Unplug the TV set from the wall socket or power surge protector and leave it disconnected for 30 seconds.

  • Examine the power cord for damage.
  • Reconnect the TV’s power cord to the wall outlet.
  • Try updating the programs.
  • Turn off the Mobile Power On option.
  • Create a service request.

How to fix this issue:

You may be wondering why this is the case in the first place, but don’t worry. It does not imply that your Vizio TV will break.

This fairly inconvenient mistake is frequently caused by something trivial. And it’s not only Vizio smart TVs that are affected. All of the issues and solutions are easily applicable to any other model of smart TV.

Here’s a list of methods you might attempt if your Vizio TV appears to be acting strangely. It is critical to consider the possibility of a Vizio TV rebooting loop, therefore the best option is to take it to a professional.

1)Reset your TV:

You may be hesitant to perform a factory reset on your smart TV, but it is sometimes the best option.

Factory resets are a last resort, but they usually resolve the issue with your device, including smart TVs.

Follow these steps to reset your Vizio:

  1. Using your Vizio remote, navigate to the menu.
  2. Go to Settings, then System, and finally OK.
  3. “Reset TV to factory defaults” should be selected.
  4. If you do not have the parental code, when requested for a password, enter 0 0 0 0.
  5. Choose “Reset” and hit OK.
  6. Allow your television to switch off.
  7. Once the restart operation has been completed, the configuration must be repeated.
  8. Please keep in mind that any existing data and settings on Vizio will be lost.
  9. However, your Vizio should no longer switch on by itself.

In case nothing works, unexpectedly turning on and off your Smart TV may be both shocking and unpleasant. However, this should not be a recurring occurrence.

2)Vizio TV System Settings:

If none of these alternatives work, you might try a new approach. Some Vizio TV customers said that it worked for them, so it’s worth a go.

Take the following steps:

  1. Select “settings” on your Vizio TV’s main screen.
  2. Scroll down and click on “System.”
  3. Then choose “Power Mode.”
  4. If your power mode settings are set to “Eco Mode,” switch to “Quick Start.”

Wait a few days and check to see if your Vizio comes back on.

3)Check Remote Control batteries:

This may appear to be an unusual answer, yet it makes a lot of sense. This is why. When the batteries run out, they might send out random signals in the direction of your television.

They occasionally turn it on. But how do you know when it’s time to change the batteries? If you have to press a control button more than once, that’s a good indicator.



Vizio TVs have become well-known due to a quirk that many consumers have reported. And it is that many versions of these TVs have a similar flaw in that they switch off or on by themselves.

Although this is not a difficult problem to resolve, it may be highly inconvenient.

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