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Water Under Macbook Retina Screen

Water Under Macbook Retina Screen

Is there water under the MacBook retina screen, and you have no idea how to clean it? No worries, here’s the solution to your concerns. 

Did you accidentally spill coffee on your Macbook retina screen, and you are panicking now? What to do? Spilling water or any liquid unintentionally while working is one of the nightmares that come true. We all love to drink coffee or our favorite drink while working due to our hectic routine to take off work stress. But, guess what? Sometimes a mishap happens, and you accidentally spill your coffee on your precious and expensive Macbook Pro

MacBooks are the most stunning and valuable gadget people use for their work, but they usually eat while working and touch the keyboard with oily hands. While turning on the Macbook you also see the traces of the previous dirt on the screen so to prevent any damage it’s better to take care beforehand. 

So let’s take a quick look at what we should do if there’s water under Macbook Retina Screen and what we are not to do.

Water under the Macbook retina screen?

Let’s see how to withdraw that water from the MacBook retina screen.

Here we mention some basic steps that you must follow if you accidentally spill water on your Macbook or there’s water under the Macbook retina screen. 

Power off the MacBook

When you see water under the Macbook retina screen, the first you have to do is turn off the laptop and don’t turn it on again. Don’t open or close any file. Turn it off right away from the power button better to use any pencil and hold the button for 5 seconds until it turns off. Now, please don’t touch the power as it might not turn on the laptop. 

Unplug all cords

Now, unplug all the cords that are attached to your Macbook be careful otherwise you may get shocked. But it is better to turn off the circuit breaker then take out all the cables to prevent any electric shock. 

Move to a dry place 

Remove your laptop from the wet place and take it to a dry and airy place so that there will be no further damage. You can also use a fan for quick dryness of other MacBook parts or put it under the sun to let the heat turn the water particles into steam.

Dry the Macbook 

Now, take tissues or any absorbent material and try to soak any excess liquid you see on the keyboard, screen, or near ports. In this way, excess water will not go into the ports or logic panel. 

Remove the battery 

It is better to remove the battery as it might get damaged and the laptop will break, so to save the Macbook from any further damage; it’s better to remove the battery. 

Dry the Macbook 

This Macbook has a retina screen, so don’t try the tent method to dry the water; instead, use a microfibre towel to absorb water efficiently. So for the Macbook retina screen, put the Macbook in 90° position at the edge of the table as the keyboard is on on the table at the towel and the screen is down at the table in 90-degree angle position. 

Better to use a crate and put a small fan under the crate, then place a towel on the crate and keyboard side on the towel and screen off the crate. The air from the fan will help to dry off the moisture or water in the keyboard. Let it be for almost 48 hours. 

Use silica gel packs. 

Don’t use rice to absorb water as the rice will get stuck in the port or keyboard; instead, use silica gel packets. It is genuinely beneficial to absorb moisture and will not be harmful to the Macbook. 

Wait for 48 hours

After putting the Macbook in the 90-degree position now wait for 48 hours and it is better to wait for 48 hours and don’t turn it on before it. Then, turn on the Macbook and check if it’s working or not, if it s then test its ports and keywords and touchpad and if it is not working then better to go to a nearby Apple service store. 

What things should you avoid if there’s water under the Macbook retina screen?

To avoid any more damage, there are several things that a person should not do if a Macbook with a retina screen gets water damaged. Read carefully and don’t do any things that will make the thing worse. 

  • Don’t Shake – The first you don’t have to do when water is spilled accidentally is shake your laptop; understandably, you are worried, but shaking the laptop will make the thing worse. 
  • Don’t use a hairdryer – Using a hairdryer for cleaning and wiping off the water from the Macbook is a big no. Hairdryer’s warm air can cause more damage to the laptop as the heat can harm the sensitive components of the Macbook, or air might spread waterdrops towards any inner elements of the device. 
  • Don’t turn on –Once you turn off the laptop after spilling water don’t try to turn it on again to check if it’s working or not. Turning on will damage the logic board and battery that ultimately destroy or break the laptop. 
  • Don’t use rice –You must have heard that the rice can absorb moisture, so it is a helpful method to try for the water-damaged gadgets. But, this method is not valid for the water-damaged Macbook as the rice will get into the ports and will not make any change. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix a water-damaged MacBook screen?

Fixing a water-damaged Macbook sometimes might be difficult if water enters into the sensitive parts of the laptop. But sometimes, it will take a few basic steps and the laptop is safe from any damage. If you unintentionally spill any liquid on your MacBook, don’t shake your laptop and don’t hairdryer. You have to do things to turn off the laptop instantly and don’t turn it back on. Put it in a tent position if it has a non-retina screen otherwise keep the laptop at 90° position for almost 48 hours so the water will not damage the logic panel and battery.  

Can water damage on MacBook be fixed?”

You can fix a water-damaged Macbook if the water hasn’t entered the logic panel or damaged battery. If you spill the water on the keyboard, turn off the laptop right a, turn it on. Take tissues and let the water be absorbed by tissue from the keyboard so the water will not enter into the circuit board. Now leave the Macbook for 48 hours, then turn it on and check if it is working correctly or not; otherwise, go to the nearby apple service store. 


Spilling water on Macbook or seeing water under a Macbook retina screen looks like a nightmare comes true; as a famous proverb, prevention is better than cure that means try not to keep drinking or eatery things on your work desk as it might be messed up with your work and cause a considerable loss. But if something wrong happens, don’t panic and hold on to yourself, then figure out a way to minimize the damage. 

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