What Causes Dark Shadows On Tv Screen?

What Causes Dark Shadows On Tv Screen

You’re as confused as you are irritated to learn that your TV has dark shadows, an unusual display problem. You can better understand “what causes dark shadows on the TV screen” by reading this article.

You love watching your favorite blockbuster movies, animated series, and tv programs, but sometimes dark shadows appear on the Tv screen, which is often annoying. No Problem, we have got your back! 

Let’s look more closely at the causes of their occurrence and the most effective ways to fix them.!

So, what produces the black shadow on a television?

On LCD TVs, dark spots are often caused by superficial dirt, dead or stuck pixels, or debris. Debris or surface dirt is the easiest of these issues to resolve. On the other hand, dead pixels are the more difficult issue to resolve, while stuck pixels are the difficult one.

Be at ease, though! You will find the finest solutions to your problems in this post and answer your questions to help you avoid this issue.

Let’s get started!

What are the causes of Dark Shadows on Tv screens?

There are many possible causes for the shadows you may observe on your TV. To mention a few, burn-in, an improperly placed TV, or broken wires are some of the most typical causes of shadowing on your television. Shadowing generally happens when a still image is left on the screen for a long time. Therefore, always turn off the TV while no one is watching.

The best course of action is to avoid burn-in because there isn’t an easy way to correct the shadows it causes. If there isn’t a static image on the screen, but you’re still observing shadows, your TV may have a setup issue. 

So let’s discuss these causes briefly!

Dark Shadows due to Burn-In

A burn-in typically happens when you leave a still image on your TV screen for an extended time. The leading cause will be still pictures, such as paused DVDs or a menu screen. However, the panel’s pixels break down and form memories for the colors they display, causing these colors to start appearing on your television and creating a shadow of the still image even after you have removed the picture.

Never leave your TV on a static image for longer than 30 minutes to avoid this. To stay safe is always a good idea!

Compared to LCD TVs that employ liquid crystal technology, plasma TVs are more prone to burn-in, especially in the first 100 to 200 hours of use.

Using a Standing Support

Which do you like more, having your TV on the floor or a media console?

There is nothing wrong with this.!

But it is always preferable to use the mounting stand that came with the product. Avoid placing the TV directly on the floor as this could cause lower pixels to be compressed and result in a shadow effect at the bottom of the screen.

Using a 3-D television

A shadow effect on the image may be visible if you are viewing television on a 3-D television; however, the shadowing occurs more frequently if you are not seated in front of the TV. Many TVs still feature 3-D technology, requiring special glasses to provide clean, shadow-free images.

Numerous Signals

If you use an antenna to get stations over the air, a shadow image may appear on your television screen when two separate signals from the same source are picked up by the antenna, this form of picture results. In this situation, move the antenna around different locations to eliminate the shadowing on the image.

Cables for video

Sometimes a shadow picture will show on the screen while using an HDMI cable with any external device. The usage of an HDMI cable and the video output settings of the external device may be to blame for this rather than the cable itself. You can try using a different kind of cable, or you can change the output settings on the external device.

Channel Box

Incompatibility problems with cable boxes and TVs are a common cause of shadowing. This issue frequently arises when connecting a modern TV to an older cable box. To attempt and fix the problem, you can update the firmware on your cable box. Some cable companies offer firmware updates online, others will ship you updated firmware, and others will send out a repair person to update the firmware.

External or on-screen dirt, moisture, or debris

Display issues may result from the buildup of dust and foreign objects on the screen. Water may enter your screen if you wipe it with a very moist towel; this will impair how your TV displays.

By simply cleaning your TV screen regularly, this method is by far the easiest to prevent and resolve.

Extreme Temperature

The display on your TV can be negatively impacted by high temperatures or humidity. Delamination the display screen or LED failure inside the screen is the most common example of an issue.

Backlighting Issues

Backlight LEDs or strips are a significant source of issues on contemporary TVs. One or two backlight LEDs may have disrupted the circuit on the side of your TV that has shadows.


What can you do to keep a dark shadow from appearing on your TV screen?

  • A “burn-in” could occur if a still image is left on your TV screen for longer than 30 minutes.
  • Take good care of your TV by often wiping the screen to remove dust.
  • Avoid causing your TV mechanical or physical damage.
  • Avoid overtightening the screen while installing your TV.
  • Players should avoid games with a static visual on the screen, such as a health meter.


By taking care of your LCD or plasma TV, you can prevent dark shadows from appearing on the screen. Therefore, if screen issues arise, just try a complete equipment restart and return the device to its factory settings.

By the time you finish reading this tutorial, we hope you fully understand why dark shadows sometimes occur on screens and how to avoid them.


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