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What Does Delivered Mean On An iPhone

Have you ever seen a delivered note pop up on your screen? You need to stick along with the article! Are you wondering What Does Delivered Mean on an iPhone?

When we text anybody, a note delivered popped up on the screen, but many wonder what deliver means. Are you also in the same boat?

No worries, in this article, we have mentioned this in detail. The delivered note appears when an iCloud registered device has sent the message to the Apple users, and one of the Apple users has received the message without detecting an error.

This way, you get to know that your message is safely delivered, and other users will view them later!

What Does Delivered Mean?

Delivered means when one registered iCloud device sends your messages to another device. In this delivery process, Apple is not showing any issue sending messages to other devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. The result is that the message is reached to the device you are sending it to. A delivered message does not always mean it opens by the other person clicking on it to see the entire message).

What Does Delivered Mean on an iPhone?

What does delivered mean on an iPhone? This is already discussed above: when your message has been sent to another device. When we talk about delivered, another question comes to mind: Does delivered mean read on iPhone? This is not always the case; delivered does not always mean the receiver reads the message. You can also change the read receipt setting on the iPhone. Below are some of the steps to start this process. Let’s have a look.

  1. Firstly open the settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down until you find the message option.
  3. Toggle the Enable Read Receipts option to either on or off.

You might feel curious whenever you see the iMessage delivered notification about what it means. The reason for your curiosity is that not all messages sent to you by iPhone or iPad show delivered notifications. 

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The indicator that comes in your Messages app will tell you that other devices have received sent messages. Remember, it does not always mean that the other person also receives your messages because sometimes they may not be near the phone to see what you sent. When the message notification changes from “Delivered” to “Read,” it simply means the other person received and read your message.

In this scenario, it is assumed that the receiver has enabled read receipts, which they actually may not. Several iPhone users choose not to send read receipts as they do not want to tell others if they have read the iMessages or text messages. 

What Does The Absence Of ‘Deliver’ Mean?

The problem might not be at your end whenever messages are not showing Delivered with the messages. When you send a message, it fails to send. Message failed to send error will come on your screen. This is a sign the problem lies not on your end. The most common issue is that the receiver’s phone is off for some reason, or the phone might not have an internet connection. But if the phone is on DND (do not disturb), iMessage will still show you the Delivered notification. 

Does delivered mean blocked on iPhone? Another critical point is when iMessages do not show you Delivered notification. This is not to ignore; the other person may have blocked you. This does not happen in one jump, which means no one blocks you without any reason. If there are no reasons to block you, no fights, no recent past arguments, then it will be safe to assume that the phone is off or may have a network issue. 

But if you still have doubts in mind, your number might get blocked. Another instance when iMessage failed to show ‘Delivered’ is when the receiver changes its phone and shifts from iPhone to another device such as Android but does not delete the number from Apple’s iMessage servers.

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If the issue is with no internet connection or phone switched off, the message will soon be delivered when the other person turns on the phone and connects it to the internet. If they shift to another device or block you, indeed, your messages would not show Delivered notification even if you wait for hours to days. In this situation, try calling them, but you cannot find the exact reason. We hope you got the answers to the question mentioned above, and Can I Still Be blocked If It Says Delivered question also. We also cover some other questions in our blog post. They will help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Delivered Mean Read On iPhone?

iMessages instantly end a delivered notification when you send the message delivered to the recipient. Enabling read recipients does not mean that you are also enabled to see when someone reads your messages; it only means your device will send you a read receipt when you read your messages; when another person reads your message, the sign changes from delivered to read automatically. 

  • Does Delivered Mean It Was Read?

Delivered does not always mean the message is also read. When a message notification changes from Delivered to read, it opens the message and reads it. 

  • When A Text Says Delivered, What Does That Mean?

The confirmation notification comes to your screen when the message is sent to the recipient. Delivered is a positive sign that the text is ready and waiting for others to open it. 

  • Does Delivered Mean Block On iPhone?

When iMessage goes through and shows a Read receipt, our number is not blocked. If the iMessage goes through and shows you a Delivered message, it also shows that you are not blocked. 

  • Can I Still Be Blocked If It Says Delivered?
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If the message does not show delivered notification, this does not always mean you are blocked. The problem may be with another person’s phone, internet connection, or anything else. If the message remains at the delivered stage and does not show Read, then you may be blocked. 

  • Will My Text Deliver If I Am Blocked?

If you send messages via iMessage to others who blocked you, it will remain blue (meaning this is still an iMessage). The person who blocked you will never receive the message.

The Key Takeaway

We have found many users confused about What Does Delivered Means on an iPhone, so by considering this problem; we have elaborated on what does delivery means on iPhone. Additionally, we have also answered the most frequently asked questions that you can crack to solve your confusion. So go ahead; read thoroughly from start to the bottom!

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