What Does FaceTime Unavailable Mean – A Detailed Insight

What Does FaceTime Unavailable Mean

Are you curious to know What Does FaceTime Unavailable means? No need to browse more; here, we have answered your questions.

Facetime is used to make video calls on Apple devices; instead of using any traditional phone calls, you will use either WiFi or cellular data to do calls. 

Without any doubt, this is an incredible choice for Apple users so they can connect comfortably with their friends and family. This excellent facility is compatible with iPad, iPhone, etc.

You can also connect with your dear ones even if they are located far away from you. But we all are pretty aware that life is not a bed of roses; every facility also shows some faults at some stage. Do you agree? 

So the same is the case with Facetime! While going so well, often, it shows unavailability!

So, many beginners or pros are hit by the question: What does FaceTime unavailable mean?   Do FaceTime unavailable mean blocked, or is it something else? Are you also curious about this?|

No worries, we have come up with detailed information; are you ready to unfold?

Here you go!

FaceTime Unavailable With iOS 12/13/14/15 

So, if you are looking for the answers: How do you know when someone blocks you on FaceTime, or How do you know when someone declines your call, you can read the article till the end. 

Your queries will be resolved!

Part 1: What Does FaceTime Unavailable Mean?

Let’s discuss this vital question about What does FaceTime unavailable mean? Well, there are many reasons behind this, and this isn’t very pleasant indeed. When you are trying to make a FaceTime call, but it does not work, this app service is not available. Some of the reasons are

  • Some regions or countries prevent the use of FaceTime in iPhone devices.
  • When you purchase devices in countries like Pakistan, UAE, or Saudi Arabia, they do not use them. 
  • Poor network or wrong device settings could be the reason.
  • FaceTime is not available when trying to switch calls. 

Ways To Fix FaceTime Unavailable – Step-By-Step Guide

By using the below-mentioned methods, you can fix Facetime unavailable problems.

  • Check Whether FaceTime Is Available In Your Country

If you buy your iOS device from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or UAE, it is possible that you are not allowed to use FaceTime, which means it is restricted to use by the official of these countries. But if you purchase the Apple device from Saudi Arabia and it runs on iOS 12/13/14/15, you can now enjoy FaceTime.

  • Check FaceTime & Restriction Settings

In your iOS device, if FaceTime is already disabled, turn it on first. Here are the steps to do it.

  • Check your home screen and go to the settings app. 
  • Choose FaceTime.
  • Now look for the switch present next to the FaceTime and turn it on.
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If the problem was in restrictions, we are sure it would be solved now. 

  • Reset Network Settings

Sometimes when you are trying to find out the answer of What does FaceTime unavailable mean? You have come to know that error lies in the network settings, which is why you cannot use FaceTime properly. Follow these simple steps to get rid of this issue.

  • On your iOS device, find the settings app.
  • Choose the option named General.
  • Tap Reset and then tap on Reset Network Settings.
  • When prompted, you have to confirm to reset the network settings of your iPhone.

Switch off, then turn on your iOS device; you will notice that network settings will be reset, and you are now using FaceTime. 

  • Change Another WiFi Connection

If you face any issue in your present WiFi connection, FaceTime unavailable issues might come frequently. Now it would be better to change your WiFi connection. Here’s how you can change your WiFi connection.

  • On the device Home screen, go to the Settings app and choose the WiFi option. 
  • Turn on the WiFi. If it is on already, it will show you available connections.
  • Now tap on the one with whom you want to connect.
  • To join, type the password also.
  • Once the password matches the respective connection, it will show you the right mark. Just next to the network.

We hope it will work for your FaceTime unavailable issue. 

  • Restart Your Device

You can also restart your device to check whether FaceTime works or not. The purpose of restarting the device is to overcome some minor issues. To know how to restart the device, read below.

  • If you are using an iPhone X

In case you are using iPhone X, follow these steps

  • Press volume and the side button at once, and hold them. 
  • Once the slider shows on the screen, drag it to turn off our device.
  • Now press and hold the side button of the iPhone X, and wait till it shows the Apple logo on the screen. 
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But if you are using iPhone 8 or other versions, follow these steps. 

  • Press and hold the top button until it shows you the slider.
  • Drag it to turn off the iPhone 8.
  • Once it turns off, press and hold the top button to see the Apple logo. 

Follow the steps and check if FaceTime works or not.

  • Reset All Settings

If you think the issue might rise to all related settings, then better to reset all at once. To do this, we are here with some easy steps. 

From the home screen of your iPhone, move to the Setting app. 

  1. Now go to General.
  2. Check at the bottom of the screen and tap on reset.
  3. Now look for an option named Reset All Settings. 
  4. Tap on it and enter the passcode when required.

FaceTime Unavailable with iOS System Recovery Tool

Even after using all the steps mentioned above but did not find the answer to What Does FaceTime Unavailable Mean and make it available again. Then try this ultimate fix; we hope it will work indeed. In this case, we are going to use a convenient software named iMyFone iOS System recovery. 

It is a powerful tool that will make the issue like it never happens to you. The best thing is that it is available with all versions of iOS, even the latest iOS 12/13/14/15.

  • It works beautifully with the latest iPhone versions, even iPhone X and 8
  • The user interface of the software is convenient.
  • It is capable of resolving various iOS issues by using a couple of steps.

How To Fix FaceTime Unavailable With Standard Mode

Let’s see how you can resolve the issue using iMyFone iOS System Recovery.

  • Select the standard mode and put the device on recovery mode.
  • The software is ready to detect the firmware in the iOS device. Now press the Download button. 
  • Once the firmware starts downloading and installing, click on the “Start to Fix” option. It will now fix the device on its own and will tell you when it completes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does FaceTime Unavailable Mean Block?

When you try to make a call via FaceTime, the ring goes again and again but is not answered. It means that person blocks you, and they don’t even know that you are calling. FaceTime unavailable is sometimes due to blocked contact also. 

  • How Do You Know When Someone Blocks You On FaceTime?

The only way to determine if others block your number is by trying to make a call or FaceTime them. Even if they blocked you, all icons still brighten up. If you call them and they are not answering, it means they blocked you; we mean this is one of the reasons. Blocked calls look different from decline calls because your phone never reaches the other person in the case of a blocked number. 

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However, when someone blocks your number, it does affect text messages too. If the text messages and calls are not going through, this may be the sign of a blocked number. 

  • How Do You Know When Someone Declines Your Call?

The most significant sign that shows that others are ignoring your calls is the number of rings until it goes to voicemail. Most probably, if the calls ring two to three times and suddenly go to voicemail, it simply means the call is being ignored or declined by another person. The recipient presses the decline button to do this. 

The Bottom Line

Facetime is a helpful app that lets you enjoy your time, communicate, and gossip with your family and friends. But many times, you encounter FaceTime unavailability issues. If you are annoyed by this issue and wonder what FaceTime Unavailable means or how you can come out of this issue, you can hit this article. 

Here we have covered your back and provided you with ultimately reliable information. Good Luck!

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