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What is Low Blue Light Technology

What is Blue Light Technology

What is Blue Light Technology? Let’s find out…

This technology is used in monitors to take care of or filter out harmful low-blue light emissions from the monitor to protect your eyes.

What is Blue Light Technology

Consuming media with LBL can cause eye fatigue especially when you are sitting in front of the desktop display for limitless hours and if you’re spending countless hours on the monitor for professional or gaming needs, then you need to take care of your health because many consumers don’t take a break which leaves a negative impact on their health.

Therefore, to avoid eye strain and eye fatigue, it’s recommended to use LBL. The more you are exposed to LBL, the more you will face problems in falling asleep and then symptoms will be visible sooner or later if you don’t take necessary precautions.

When dealing with the brightness, like increasing or decreasing it, the most important aspect is the color temperature setting which is extremely important for sensitive persons. You always need optimal brightness settings because every monitor comes with a range of presets like Reader Mode, Eye saver mode, and text viewing mode.

To enable the low blue light mode, you can visit the OSD menu on the screen to choose the settings accordingly when you are sitting in a darker room or dim-lit room.

If you want to avoid headaches caused by the display, then try getting a display with flicker-free backlight technology because there are many displays using PWM ( Pulse-Width Modulation) techniques in which the flicker is common which is not good for your eyes.

Reflections are also disturbing for serious gamers and professionals, so the monitor should be equipped with the anti-glare coating and if you still feel headaches, then the ideal way is to take a quick break in intervals to refresh your mind. For sensitive persons, there are helpful gadgets like LBL glasses, and a screen protector as well.

If you consume a lot of content, you should definitely use this technology and be ready to see the changes with the image quality as well. Low-Blue Light is not recommended when you go to bed while reading or typing and much more.

The latest monitors are equipped with great technologies like built-in sensors to control the environment with color, temperature, and ambient lighting.

So, if you need a comfortable viewing experience for your eyes, you should get a monitor with innovative technologies.

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What is blue light and why is it bad?

The higher exposure to low blue light is harmful because it can damage retinal cells leading to uncommon eyesight problems like loss of vision and age-related degeneration. Continuous exposure can lead to cataracts or even eye cancer damaging the white part of the eye.

is low blue light better for eyes?

Yes, low blue light handles the harmful emissions protecting your eyes.

What is low blue mode?

Basically, blue light has a short wavelength which is why they are harmful, and to tackle this, Philips has introduced a feature in their monitor called LowBlue Mode that allows you to sit in front of the monitor for extended periods of time without damaging your corneas.

What is Bluelight technology?

This is vision technology used widely by smartphones, television, and a handful of other machines. Then energy in this light is visible on short spectrum and it is also called fluorescent light.

Should I turn off the blue light on my computer?

Yes, to protect your eyes you should turn off this light because the excess of this light leads to harmful problems and can interrupt your sleep as well.

Can blue light damage skin?

Exposure to blue light for more than 60 minutes can lead to changes in your skin cells like shrinkage or the death of cells and can speed up the aging process though.

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