Where is Defrost Timer Located On a Refrigerator

Want to fix the fan motor or compressor of the refrigerator? Are you wondering where is Defrost Timer Located On a Refrigerator? Dive into the article to find the location.

Defrost timer is one of the significant components of the refrigerator that turns on the defrost system at a regular interval of the time so the vapors of defrosting can get rid of it. It also shuts off the fan motor and refrigerator compressor when needed. 

Over time, the motor being, timer motor wears out and needs to be replaced with a new one; for this, you need to know the location of your defrost timer so that troubleshooting may become easy.

If you are eager to know Where is Defrost Timer Located On a Refrigerator – you can read ahead.

The defrost timer is located on different sides of the refrigerator, depending on the brand. Still, very commonly, the defrost timer is located at the back of the freezer’s lower kick plate, behind the refrigerator on its back wall, in the control panel of the fridge. 

Once you find the defrost timer, you can take it off and try to fix it – replace it if any of its art is not working accurately. Then your defrost timer will start working, and you will not find excessive ice in the refrigerator.

Let’s jump ahead to determine more about the defrost timer!

Where is Defrost Timer Located On a Refrigerator?

Where is Defrost Timer Located On a Refrigerator?

Defrost timer is mainly used to turn off the refrigerator’s compressor and evaporator fan motors. Many parts of the refrigerator are visible, and one can easily recognize them, but do you know where Defrost Timer is located on a Refrigerator? 

You can find it at the back of the fridge’s lower kick plate or control panel, or it may be present at the back wall of the refrigerator and consists of four metallic terminals. If there is a problem with the defrost timer, the refrigerator stops frosting automatically and restricts the airflow because the building frost starts appearing on the evaporator. 

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Does the Refrigerator Still Work If There is No Defrost Timer?

Modern-day fridges don’t come with a defrost timer because they are made using other modern technologies. Because of these technologies, many newer models are self-defrosting. If your chosen model does not have the defrost timer or is not working, there is a possibility that the refrigerator still works. All you need is manual defrosting, and remember fridges having no defrost timers need to be emptied intermittently. 

Replacing Defrost Timer: Step-By-Step Process 

Below mentioned steps will help you greatly in replacing the defrost timer in the refrigerator. Find the accurate defrost timer for your fridge by studying the manual. 


Necessary Tips

These tips are for your appliance safety, so be careful and don’t try to do everything yourself. 

  • Before starting the process, unplug the refrigerator from the socket. It is better to remove the fuse from the home’s main circuit box.
  • Better to call a professional electrician if you don’t possess the proper knowledge regarding dealing with electronic items.


Step 1

Firstly find where the refrigerator defrost timer. You can easily find it on the back wall of the fridge, on the lower kick plate, or may be present on the control panel. It always has four metallic terminals. Once you find it, remove it and be ready to replace it with a new one. 


Step 2

To keep it firmly in place the manufacturer attaches at least one screw with the defrost timer. If there is more than one screw, remove all and pull it with care from its place. 


Step 3

Pull the timer a little more to find the wires. Disconnect the wires gently from the connector. Rock them to the right and left for some time to make movement comfortable. 


Step 4

Take a new defrost timer in your hands, and connect it to the wires. Place it securely in the older one and tight all the screws. If the timer has a cover, replace it and turn on the fridge’s power. 

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By following this easy method, you can replace the old defrost time with the new one. All you need is care and attention to ensure the refrigerator functions properly. 

How Long A Refrigerator Stays In A Defrost Mode? 

When the refrigerator is in defrosting mode, you will hear no sound, even no noise from the compressor or fan. Many models of fridges defrost for at least 25 to 45 minutes, usually once or twice a day. All you hear is a dripping water sound when it hits the heater. 

What Causes The Defrost Issue Of The Refrigerator

If you find any error in the defrosting issue, perhaps the problem is in the defrosting timer or thermostat, so you need to fix them.


  • Faulty Defrost Timer

A faulty defrost timer cannot assess the gathered frost on the evaporator coil, and the entire function of the fridge disturbs. This jittery cycle – along with affecting the airflow and accumulating the ice on different parts – influence the overall fridge quality.


  • Defective Thermostat

A defrost system includes a defrost heater that frequently turns on during the day to melt the frost that gathers on the evaporator coil. The defrost heater is attached to the thermostat; when the thermostat doesn’t work appropriately, the heater fails to turn on, and the developed ice stays on the coil.

Final Words

Defrost timer is one of the integral parts of the refrigerator as it helps the other parts – compressor and motor fan to work appropriately and remove the excessive ice from the fridge and freezer. The extreme ice stuck in the different parts of the refrigerator is harmful as it can increase the fridge temperature and halt its normal working process.

This article has discussed the exact location of the defrost timer on a refrigerator so you can easily find it when it is not working correctly. It will help you fix it immediately to protect your fridge from massive destruction. If you are unable to resolve the targeted issues, despite figuring out Where is Defrost Timer Located On a Refrigerator, you can call the serviceman for service.

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