Why Do My AirPod Keep Pausing


Are you tired of resuming your AirPods as it keeps pausing? Do you wonder Why Do My AirPod keeps Pausing? Don’t wonder more – read the article and find the primary causes.

AirPods are equipped with a unique feature: automatic ear detection that pauses the track when the user removes the AirPods from the ear. However, the AirPod resumes as the user puts them back in the ear. Unfortunately, this automatic ear detection sometimes doesn’t work appropriately and is considered the culprit of AirPod getting paused.

The primary purpose of automatic ear detection is to save the AirPod battery when it is not used.

So if you are worried about why my AirPod keeps pausing, you can figure out the automatic ear detection feature and turn it off. Now reconnect the AirPod and identify whether the error is raised again or not. If you don’t find this issue again, your automatic detection feature is not working accurately. Keep it off; hopefully, your AirPod will not pause again.

Please read the article ahead to find more about the automatic ear detection feature and why it pauses the AirPod. 

Why Do My AirPod Keep Pausing? Some Common Reasons 

Airpods are the best solution to listen to calls and music without holding the phone in your hands. It is an innovative gadget, but everything bears some issues at some point in life. The same is the case with the AirPods. 

There are many reasons why AirPods paused automatically. The main cause may be the physical interference such as walls, and bigger objects that block the connection between the device and AirPods; another reason is poor Bluetooth connection, lack of charging, and dirty AirPods

One noticeable interference might be the sensors. People complain to Apple about this issue, and their common suggestion is to properly clean the AirPods as the dirt and debris sticking inside the earbuds may cause pausing issues. 

If the problems persist in the ear-detecting sensors, immediately disconnect them from the device and go for cleaning. Before joining the parts, ensure no fog or dirt is left on the sensors. 

The Bluetooth connection also causes this problem, and the straightforward solution is disconnecting and then trying to make a connection again. Users can also restart the audio device, mainly the iPhone. 

AirPods paused in the middle of the conversation or when listening to music due to the lack of charging. In this situation, put them in the charging case and wait until they are fully charged. After then, try to use them again, and we are sure the problem has been solved. 

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Pausing AirPods on their own every sometimes is a headache and leaves you frustrated. We mentioned some of the quick fixes to overcome the worry that will surely help you out. 

Without wasting any more time, dig out the solution and stay happy!

Airpods Keep Pausing: Quick Solutions To Try Must 

Why Do My AirPod Keep Pausing? You get the quick answers to this issue in the paragraphs mentioned above. Now it is time to know the detailed solutions. 

Some of the ways given below will help you to get rid of this irritating issue. Every solution works well if you do it effectively, so read each carefully to solve the pausing issue, and thank us later! 

Let’s begin! 

  • Automatic Ear Detection Turning Off Might Helps 

The commonly adopted way to stop AirPods from pausing is turning off Automatic Ear Detection’s feature. Individuals can do this through the settings of their iPhones. 

See the easy steps to turn it off.  

  • Take the iPhone in your hands and open the settings. 
  • Turn on Bluetooth, search for AirPods and tap on the tiny i.
  • Toggle it and turn off the Automatic Ear Detection.

That’s it; it is how you can turn it off but remember turning it off will not allow you to switch the ears comfortably or pause the media by removing one AirPod. Still, it is the best solution to stop paying for AirPods when you don’t want them to pause automatically. 

  • Double-Tap Actions Needs To Be Checked 

This issue is less likely to happen in AirPods Pro, but if you own other AirPods, the double tap settings might cause the Pausing problem. 

If you are not using the AirPods and they are lying in their case, open the lid. Now take your device, such as iPhone or iPod, in your hands and tap on the Settings app. Now go to Bluetooth, go to the menu options and tap the tiny “i’ it is what the Apple called More information button. 

On the other screen, select the setting of the right or left AirPod, choose the desired action, and double tap on it. The prison ranges from Siri activation, skipping the tracks in between, and resuming or pausing the running media such as playback audio. 

The pausing issue might happen when you set one of the AirPods double tap options to the playback control. Try to change it and choose track skipping or activate Siri. Now check whether the issue is resolved or not. If the issue persists, try opting for the next fix, and don’t worry. 

  • It Is Good To Check The Bluetooth Connections 

Open the iPhone settings and go to Bluetooth; turn it on and check how many devices it connects. If it is connected to the laptop, iPad, and AirPods, it may cause the issue as the phone faces a problem in knowing to which device it should send the audio. 

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It might happen when the iPhone is connected to Bluetooth speakers and AirPods both. It is better to connect your iPhone to one device, and we are sure you will not face the pausing issue next time. 

  • Better to Clean the AirPods

Dirt in other objects looks bad to the eyes, so how it looks good to the AirPods. Dust and debris sticking inside the AirPods surface lead to many technical problems. In this case, it is better to follow the Apple specified method and clean them immediately with care, especially the proximity sensors. 

The earwax on the proximity sensors is certainly very bad for them as they will face difficulty in judging if the AirPods are in the ears or not; hence, the AirPods will pause on their own, and it is quite frustrating for users. To stop this issue, try cleaning them and tell us if it works or not. 

  • Check The Battery 

Just like any other electronic device stops working when the battery runs out, AirPods might show some issues, indicating that you have to put them in the case and recharge them. Low battery may cause the pausing issue, too, so immediately disconnect the devices and go for charging. After they charge fully, try and check if the issue is resolved or not. 

  • Try Restarting the iPhone 

Not every time issue needs to lie in the AirPods; most of the time, the root cause might lie in the iPhone. Like other precious gadgets, the iPhone also faces technical or software issues. These problems ultimately affect the AirPod’s performance, and one is the automatic pausing.  

If the issue is not resolved after all the solutions mentioned earlier, try disconnecting the iPhone to all devices and restarting it. We are sure restraining the phone will help you greatly, and you will not ask this question again. Why Do My AirPod Keep Pausing?

Why is AirPods Pausing the Video Again and Again?

If the AirPods are pausing the video repeatedly, this is a serious issue; you must check some things to resolve it. Most likely, the issue is present in the device, and AirPods functions properly. Hence, it is necessary to find the root cause and try opting for the best solution. 

  • Firstly check the AirPods, if they are dirty, the connection may block, and it will keep pausing the video. In this case, clean them gently by following the Apple method. Go to the Apple website or read the instructions on Google. 
  • The poor connection between AirPods and the device may interrupt the video, and it will pause on its own. To eliminate this irritating issue, try disconnecting both gadgets, reconnecting them again, and playing the video. If the issue is still there, try using another device and check the network.  
  • Next, you can check the battery level of AirPods; if it runs low, the videos may get interrupted. Simply put them in the case and change them to 100%. A bug between the AirPods and the video player may pause the video; if it happens, experts suggest trying to use the other video player. 
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 The Bottom Line 

Every feature of the AirPod is designed based on the latest technology and by considering the futuristic approach. But sometimes, these features create trouble and affect the performance. AirPods keep pausing is one of the issues that users face; one of the significant reasons behind this is the automatic ear detection feature. In addition, low battery levels and dirty AirPods are also the cause of My AirPod Keep Pausing.

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