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Why Do People Tap Their Tesla?

Many Tesla buyers are wondering: Why Do People Tap Their Tesla? Are you also in the same boat? No worries, we have compiled the details – decode that!

Have you ever found any Tesla owner tapping the Tesla charger multiple times before putting it on charging? Did you ever wonder why they do so? 

Actually, many Tesla owners believe that tapping the charger at the back can increase the charging speed and smoothen its connectivity process. This tapping cancels the effect of static energy and removes the dust and debris that often accumulate at the charging pin; moreover, this tapping also manages the electrons. 

This article has a detailed discussion on Why Do People Tap Their Tesla; you can unfold the crucial aspects by jumping into it.

Why Do People Tap Their Tesla

Why Do People Tap Their Tesla: Find Out The Reasons

Many people wonder Why Do People Tap Their Tesla? They did this due to various reasons. Owners tap the car at least four to five times before starting the charging because they think it is a more straightforward method to open the car’s charging port.  

Tesla’s charging port is not visible comfortably and is hidden at the back of the panel like a tail light. So people mix the tapping of Tesla with the tapping of the tail light.  

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  • To Activate The Charging 

Not all Tesla cars need to tap so the charger will insert properly; the charging starts immediately. But it is not the same for all models; mostly, people tap their Tesla’s charging nozzle twice.  

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We can not say that the charger needs to be tapped several times due to the design or anything else. But it works as reported by many users, so if you just bought any model of Tesla, try this trick. 

  • To Open the Charging Port if Not Charging At the Tesla Specified Charging Stations  

One of the biggest reasons why people tap their Tesla is to open the port, especially if they charge the car not at the Tesla charging stations but somewhere else. Car owners did this because if they charge at Tesla points, they have an option to press the button that the charging nozzle has. This button comfortably opens the door of the port. It is not the case with non-Tesla points. 

If you are in a hurry and need to charge the car in less time, tap the tail light at the driver’s side to open the door quickly. 

  • Tap The Car Just For Fun 

The reasons are technical and make sense, but many users tap the cars just for fun and habit. Yes, before they start driving, they tap the car four or five times, and eventually, this habit grows and becomes a tradition. 

Is It Possible To Charge The Tesla Cars at Home? 

Yes, it is possible to charge the Tesla cars at home using a Wall connector of Tesla or an adapter plugged into 230 volts and a 10 amp outlet.  

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Try to charge at home when you need the charging immediately. Otherwise, always try to charge at Tesla specified charging points. Happily, the charging will be much faster if you charge the car through a wall connector installed in the garage or lawns of homes. 

Does Your Car Need To Charge All Night?

Charging the Tesla at night is suggested because it charges the battery quickly and prepares the car for the following day-long rides. 

Another advantage of charging at night is that the electricity bill will remain in your control because the units cost less at night. Night hours are not peak hours; using electricity at night is a great idea. 

Tesla cars are innovative and come with some specified charging options. The vehicle requires an hour or 12 hours to charge fully, so if you leave the car charging overnight the following day, it will be charged fully and all set to give you a perfect driving experience. 

The Bottom Line

Users have to charge the Tesla several times, but many people wonder why they tap the tail light. Actually, there are a myriad of reasons behind this tapping, such as it removes the dust and debris from the charging pin and makes the charging quick and smooth.

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