Why Do You Have To Wait 24 Hours To Plug In A Fridge

Does fridge settling time confuse you? Are you perplexed Why do You Have to Wait 24 hours to Plug in a Fridge? Hold on; this blog will resolve all your queries.

If you have bought a brand new fridge or transported it to any other place, you will have to wait for a bunch of hours to plug it into the switchboards. You should wait for at least 24 hours before switching the refrigerator on. 

Are you confused Why do You Have to Wait 24 hours to Plug in a Fridge? What is the reason behind this long wait? The fridge’s compressor contains fluid and oil that keep it functional, but this oil moves away from its position when you transport the refrigerator. If it leaks out, it can block the appliance and create trouble. 

Hence, it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours to let the oil automatically settle to its position and then turn it on later. Let me tell you one thing very clearly; if you do not wait for at least one day, your refrigerator’s overall efficiency and life will be compromised.

Do you want to unfold more about refrigerator plug-in time? This post will grip this question in detail, so stay with us and read until the end.

Why Do You Have To Wait 24 Hours To Plug In A Fridge

Why Do You Have To Wait 24 Hours To Plug In A Fridge?

A refrigerator is an electronic item that needs care to function properly. Typically experts say not to use the refrigerator straightaway when bringing it home from the shop; at least you have to wait for a day, but the question is: why do you have to wait 24 hours to plug in a fridge? 

It is necessary for the proper working of the refrigerator. It is also needed for the settlement of the oil present in the compressor. If the oil goes into the compressor’s cylinder and does not drain, the compressor’s valve gets damaged. 

Do You Have Any Idea About What Compressor Oil Actually Is? 

All refrigerators require compressor oil to work at their best because the refrigerant gases that help the fridge to become cooler put pressure on the internal parts. Here the oil comes into the picture; simply put the oil to the parts that get hot quickly to lessen the strain and reduce the damage to the internal components of the appliance. 

If you don’t do oiling properly, the freezers and refrigerators get damaged faster, and you have to spend money on buying new internal components after some time. You are also familiar with the fact that not every replacement part is of high standards, and quick replacements will ruin the heavily invested appliance, and surely it does not sound good. 

How Much Time Does a Refrigerator Need To Settle Down?

Different people have different suggestions regarding how long users must leave the fridge so that it settles down at one position. After it is confirmed that oil settles down in the compressor, leave it for a whole day. 

Many manufacturing companies recommend leaving the fridge for at least eight hours before plugging it into the wall socket. Please read the instruction manual and see how much time it takes to get a perfect position. 

You must use the appliance carefully as the blockages will damage the fridge, affecting the cooling capacity if you plug in too early. The best time to leave it for 24 hours, especially if it is placed horizontally. 

What To Do If Moving The Refrigerator On Its Side 

If you plan to move the refrigerator from one place to another, it is recommended not to carry it on its side. If you do so, the internal parts get damaged, and the refrigerator breaks down. 

Experts don’t suggest this because the compressor oil will move from the compressor’s tube to the coolant lines when it moves on its side. If it is carried on its side, the refrigerator must be set vertically for the same amount of time it lay down on its side. By doing so, the oil that flows into the coolant lines gets enough time to return to the compressor, and as a result, the coolant lines become apparent. 

For your ease, let’s understand this via an example, if you place the fridge on its side for one hour, sit it upright for one hour before plugging it into the wall socket. 

A refrigerator is a heavy appliance, and its movement is not a piece of cake. So if there is no choice left but to move it on its side, ensure it lays down on the side opposite to the compressor lines. If the compressor lines leave the compressor from the unit’s right side, lay down the fridge on the left side. 

There are no 100 % chances that fridge components get damaged if you move it on its side; it is better to move it upright to avoid the risk. 

What If You Leave The Fridge Unplugged For a Month?

Generally, leaving any electronic item unplugged for a long time does not sound great as the internal parts get jammed if not in a working state. The same is the case with the refrigerator, so it is better to plug it in and store food on it. Leaving it unplugged for 2 to 3 weeks is ok but leaving it unplugged for a month is not a great idea. 

How Do You Know If The Compressor is Out of Order 

Generally, every user is familiar with the sound of the refrigerator when it turns on and off. You don’t even notice the faint humming sound because you are not used to it. It came from the compressor. 

But if you don’t hear this, the chances are high that the compressor is out of order. Immediately rush towards the compressor inspection and if it is broken, replace it with a new one because the refrigerator can’t function properly without the compressor. 

Too much or too light refrigerant puts pressure on the compressor and gets damaged. You can also check if the compressor is working correctly or not by following the given steps. 

  • Unplug the refrigerator from the socket, and pull it away from the wall. 
  • Search for a panel on the compressor’s side 
  • Unscrew the panel by using a screwdriver
  • Search for the starter relay switch
  • Unplug this switch from the compressor and shake it a bit. If you notice a rattle, it indicates that a switch needs replacement.
  • If you do not hear any rattle, there is no issue with the switch, but the problem lies in the compressor.

Replacing the relay switch is not a burden on the pocket, but it costs you more if the compressor gets damaged. So always try to maintain the appliance and protect it from severe damage. 

Note: If you are unfamiliar with the relay switch, don’t worry, its size and shape are just like an ink cartridge used in the printer.

The Key Takeaway

A fridge is an appliance that demands a lot of maintenance effort and cost, so it is better to deeply overview its nitty and gritty phenomena instead of making any regret. 

So, if you have bought a fridge and transported it somewhere, wait for at least 24 hours before turning it on. This wait will help balance the oil that can leak out and block the fridge if the user turns the fridge on immediately.

It is vital to follow the said time schedule to avoid any trouble and increase the fridge efficiency.

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