Why Does My Bissell Vacuum Smell Like Burning

When you finish vacuuming, do you smell like burned rubber? If you smell burning when using your vacuum, there could be several causes.

Everyone knows that a vacuum cleaner needs several moving parts to create suction and pick up dirt, dust, and other things from the floor. 

A burning smell may be noticeable as soon as there is a problem while vacuuming, which means the appliance isn’t working right.

Why Does My Bissell Vacuum Smell Like Burning

Why Does My Bissell Vacuum Smell Like Burning

The suction created by a vacuum cleaner is used to get rid of dust, dirt, and other debris from your home’s floors. A belt turns the brush roller into a vacuum cleaner, drawing dust and dirt into the machine. If you smell something burning while you’re vacuuming, a part isn’t working right.


If your vacuum has a burning rubber scent, it could be due to a broken or jammed belt. Turning the vacuum off and removing the power cord is the best way to see if the belt is broken or if something like string, carpet fiber, or hair is blocking the belt from turning the brush roller. Remove any hair, thread, or yarn tangles from the brush roller, and swap out the strap if worn.

Obstacles Caused by Debris

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If you are vacuuming an area rug or if something gets stuck between the brush roller and the belt, your vacuum may smell like it is on fire. After switching off and unplugging the vacuum, remove the rug or other items carefully.

Nonfunctioning Brush Roller

If the brush roller is broken or stuck, it will also leave an unpleasant burning smell. The brush roller can be inspected by turning off the appliance and taking it out of its socket. If the roller needs to be replaced, get the vacuum checked out by a professional.

Problems with the Motor

A defective motor could be to blame for the burning rubber odor, even though the belt and brush roller usually operate. See if a certified repair shop can look at your vacuum cleaner.

Making a Belt Swap

If your vacuum has a rubber belt that extends, you should replace it at least once a year. Metal belts on gear assemblies survive longer than other belts, but you should still return them when instructed in the owner’s manual for your vacuum cleaner.

What to Do If Your New Vacuum Has a Smoky Odor

When a vacuum emits a burning odor, there is probably an issue that needs addressing. If the new vacuum has a smokey smell, try one of the following:

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First, make sure there is no smoke.

Several factors can cause a vacuum to emit smoke. The electric motor overheated, the drive belt became blocked, a cigarette end was sucked into the device, and the bag caught fire.

If the cord or plug is warm to the touch, investigate further.

It is common for a motor to overheat at the wall outlet or the cable connecting it to the outlet when it is overworked. One more sign that the vacuum cable isn’t correctly connected to the wall outlet. You might be able to fix the problem by ensuring that the wireline is tight in the plug terminals.

Ensure the plug is securely inserted into the socket if it is hot to the touch. To figure out what’s wrong, consult an expert electrician or try plugging the vacuum into a different outlet.

Ensure that the rotary brush is not clogged with hair.

A burning odor can result when hair is tangled around the rotary brush ends and dragged in near the bearings. The hair must be cut since rubbing against it causes a smoky aroma.

As a Closing Remark

Something is wrong with your vacuum if it emits a burning smell, like burnt rubber, while you are using it.

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The intense heat has stretched, torn, or melted the belt. There could also be problems with the motor or a buildup of hair around the rotary brush. You can either figure out the issue or contact a technician.

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