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Why does my computer screen go black randomly?

Why does my computer screen go black randomlyWhy does my computer screen go black randomly?

Why does my computer screen go black randomly?

Why does your computer screen go black randomly when the monitor and CPU are powered on? Well, the answer is, it can be caused by several underlying reasons. Most of the time, the issue is either with the monitor, the connecting cable, or the video card’s drivers. 

By checking for the connecting cables, you can easily spot out the source of random blackening of the screen.  

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Why does my computer randomly go black?

The PSU or the Power Supply Unit is the notorious cause of making a monitor go black unexpectedly. Other than this, the Video cables either VGA or HDMI can be broken leading to the blackening of the screen. 

How do I fix my random black screen?

In some cases, fixing the random black screen is quite easy. Just open Start and search the msconfig, followed by selecting the System Configuration item. Here, click the services tab and keenly check for the “Hide all Microsoft services” option.

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Check the services and click to Apply followed by clickin the ‘Ok’ button. Restart your monitor and enjoy a normal screen. 

Why does the laptop screen go black randomly?

Screen blackening in the laptops isn’t anything normal and there may be 2 main culprits behind; either an incompatible and poor-quality display driver software or some expiring backlight targeting towards a hardware issue. You can target the main culprit by connecting your laptop to any other monitor to check if this works well or goes black. 

Why does my computer screen keep going black for a few seconds?

Usually, the reason behind a computer screen that keeps going black for a few seconds is any under-lying issue with the connector wires. It could be due to some issues with the monitor’s ports and you can resolve it only by plugging it into another connection port.  

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