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Why Does My FaceTime Keep Failing – Causes And Fixes

Why Does My FaceTime Keep Failing

If you are curious about Why Does My Keep Failing, you can examine this post. Here we have one with FaceTime failing issues and solutions!

If your FaceTime is creating a problem, failing repeatedly, you need to crack the reason for the problem timely and then nip the bud from the root, so you may not get this issue again.

Like often, you are unknowingly on airplane mode, your Update iOS Or macOS needs an update or numerous other reasons cause FaceTime failure.

In this blog, we have shed light on the reasons that become the cause of FaceTime failure and the immediate solution. So, you may not face this problem next time! 

FaceTime: The Basics

FaceTime is an Apple video chatting app; all Apple devices, including iPads, iPhones, and iPods, come with a built-in Facetime app. When this app works properly, anyone who has an internet connection and an Apple device can call their loved ones. It is easy to use when working without any issue, but every facility comes with some downfalls. Why Does My FaceTime Keep Failing? This is a question that most users face, and there are many reasons behind this. Let’s explore!

Why Does FaceTime Keep Failing?

The main reason for FaceTime continuously failing is not because of the app itself. It is sometimes due to the poor internet connection. Since the device uses only one internet connection at a time, streaming live videos and chat uses a lot of bandwidth. If the app does not send and receive data, then it is suggested to replace it. But you can also go for some of the advanced steps to answer Why Does FaceTime Keep Failing?

How To Fix FaceTime Failing Or Dropping Calls

The first step that you can take is as follows:  

  • Check That Airplane Mode is Off

It looks that toggling AirPlane mode is the reason due to which FaceTime is facing troubles. Many users complain that when the Airplane mode is on and they make a call, usually the call reconnects and, in the end, “FaceTime Call Failed.” We recommend toggling Airplane mode off and trying making a Facetime call.

  • Update iOS Or macOS

Searching for macOS or an iOS update, and update it immediately because it is noticed that updating the system fixes the issue. 

  • For iPods,iPads, or iPhones, move to Settings, then General, and at last software updates. 
  • Mac users should go to System preferences first then move to Software Update. 
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No worries if the issue is still there; go to our next step. 

  • Check Apple’s Server Status

To do this, follow the given steps.

  • Make sure that FaceTime’s Servers are operational by visiting the Apple system status site. 

  • Search for FaceTime and if it is marked with a yellow yield-like icon, later on, check back. Wait until Apple resolves the issue. 

Straight away, try following our next step to answer why Does My FaceTime Keep Failing?

  • Look at Screen Time and Restrictions

We are here with some of the steps to get started with this step. 

  • Turn off the screen time temporarily; for this, go to Settings, then screen time. If you are using older iOS, go to Settings, then General, and the last Restrictions. 
  • To disable this feature, you need to have a Screen Time or Restrictions password.
  • If it starts working after you turn off screen time and restrictions, check that Facetime and camera both are allowed apps.
  • In case of screen time, check that if FaceTime has an app limit set, that means you set up downtime in which the app is limited to use for some specific hours. 
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Unluckily if the issue is still present, try following the next step.

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  • Check Date and Time Settings

This is something significant, and any bungling in it may be the cause of stopping all other apps too. 

Ensure that the time zone is set to the current zone.

  • To do this, go to settings, then General, Dat, and time, and then turn on Set Automatically.
  • In the case of Macs, go to the Apple menu, go to system preferences, and now click Date & Time.
  • If the automatically set is on, toggle off, wait for at least 20 seconds, and turn it on again.  

If nothing works for you, have another option to delete the app and try installing it again. Here is how you can do this. 

  • Delete and Reinstall The FaceTime App (iOS 12 and above)

Let’s see how to do this.

  • Press and hold the Facetime app and wait until it jiggles.
  • Tap X and select delete.
  • To finish the process, press the done or the home button.
  • Now move to the App Store and look for a Facetime app; tap to download and reinstall.

You can also delete the app via going to settings, then general, iPhone storage.

What if the Problem With FaceTime Still Persists

  • Reset All Your Device’s Settings

One last step that you can follow is to reset all settings of your device. 

  • Move to the settings app, then General, rest, and tap reset all settings. As simple as you ever wished for.
  • This is usually the last step since it resets all the features to the factory settings.
  • It restores all settings to default, including alerts, notifications, clock settings, and brightness. 
  • Resetting all settings reverts all customized and personalized features, e.g., accessibility and wallpapers, to factory default. 
  • Remember that resetting the device does not affect your data, such as texts, photos, documents, and other files. 
  • You need to reconfigure the settings once you restart the iPhone or iPad. 
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The Bottom Line

If this helpful app, FaceTime, keeps failing, the ease turns into misery. You won’t be able to call anybody and don’t get an update from them. 

Thus, to keep you away from this problem, here we have compiled the reasons and solutions for FaceTime failing.

So, if you feel the issue of FaceTime failing from now on, any time, or anyway, you can read this article once!

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