Why My Airpods Are Not Working After Water

So you are worried because your AirPods are not working after water damage? If so, Don’t worry! This article describes how to keep your wet AirPods safe and lessen the chance of water damage.

When your devices are as little and stylish as the Apple AirPods, it can be challenging to keep them dry. It’s simple to forget that you have AirPods in your pocket while you have given them for a wash. Dropping a pair of AirPods in water is considered one of the most devastating experiences for a tech or music enthusiast.

So, what should you do if you just got your AirPods wet? 

We know how to fix your AirPods and get them working again!

If you accidentally dropped your AirPods in water, read the solutions given in this article and try doing each of these steps once to prevent as much damage as possible. Howe damage, these are the most straightforward and least time-consuming.

These Tips might be sufficient to keep your AirPods safe

Let’s begin!

Why My Airpods Are Not Working After Water

What To Do If Your AirPods Are Not Working After Water Damage?

When your AirPods get wet, it’s crucial to take action immediately!

They should first be cleaned with a microfiber towel because anything rougher could harm them. If a liquid other than water was spilled on your AirPods, lightly dampen the towel before wiping. After cleaning them, set them out to dry in the open. After cleaning the excessive water, you can also you the following methods to fix your water-damaged AirPods.

Using a blow dryer

Blow dryers are readily available at everyone’s home, so using them can be a quick fix! You may use this to dry your AirPods if a microfiber cloth hasn’t been very effective. This method will work effectively if the water has only reached the outer area and has not entirely submerged. Try a different strategy if you discover water within your AirPods because this could lead to the problem of one earbud not working.

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Reminder: Avoid using a blow dryer at high temperatures as they may damage your AirPods.

Wrap desiccant packets in AirPods.

If your AirPods have fallen into the water, you can use this approach to restore their functionality because desiccant packs are capable of absorbing any moisture.

Place your damp AirPods in the center of any desiccant packs you may have on hand, then seal the container for a few hours. These reusable packets will take in the moisture from the AirPods.

Keep them out of the case.

Without properly drying them, placing AirPods back in the case merely causes further harm to your electronics. Without air, the water cannot escape from your AirPods. The water will also spread to your issue if you keep them back in the case right after getting wet. 

 The case is not water-resistant, just like your AirPods aren’t!

Replace or repair your AirPods

Apple offers a warranty program for AirPods and their charging cases. If you have AppleCare+, you may fix your AirPods for a relatively low cost. The cost of this option is less than purchasing a brand-new pair.

Some services might be provided without charge to you under Apple’s One Year Limited Warranty and AppleCare+. However, water damage is not covered. The absence of a Liquid Damage Indicator on the AirPods makes it difficult for an Apple technician to detect water damage on them.

Is Airpods water resistant?

Apple Airpods are not waterproof but are sweat- and water-resistant. They won’t be harmed by light water contact, but they might not survive a trip through your washing machine.

Tip: Waterproof Cases Can Help You Protect Your AirPods!

Waterproof AirPods covers are a nice safety net if they are submerged in water. Get a head start and purchase a waterproof case today to avoid more damage from upcoming mishaps.

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Complete Submersion of Airpods in Water

However, if your AirPods have been completely submerged in water for more than a few seconds, they are probably damaged. One of the earbuds or the charging case could be destroyed if water gets inside. A fully submerged pair of AirPods will frequently short circuit and lose some or all of their functioning, despite your efforts to dry them.

Time is crucial if you submerge your AirPods in water; remove them as quickly as possible. Your chances of saving them increase as soon as you pull them out of the water.

AirPods should be alright if submerged in water for a short period. Any duration of more than 10 to 15 seconds can be dangerous.

Don’t let your AirPods ever go into the washing machine! I’ll repeat it to be relatively straightforward.

How Can You Keep My AirPods From Getting Wet?

Because of their high price and complex internal design, AirPods require special care. Here are a few tested techniques for avoiding water damage to AirPods.

Avoid getting a sweat on your AirPods. Sweat is the most frequent factor that causes harm to AirPods. This advice is for you if you work out at gyms.

AirPods should not be placed in a damp environment. You can use this technique to shield your AirPods from harm caused by water and dust.

Don’t take your AirPods to the toilet. The audio output of your AirPods may be damaged when the splash from the toilet’s pipe automatically enters those minuscule holes of your Airpods.

Don’t forget to clean your AirPods, as it will aid in removing moisture or dust that had previously accumulated.

Are there any signs to detect water damage on AirPods?

No! Unfortunately, there is no built-in sign of water damage in AirPods. When water exposure occurs, AirPods may not flicker and cause connectivity problems with your iPhone. If it functions properly, it suggests that AirPods are not always affected and can sometimes be repaired.

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This can be awful sometimes if you accidentally drop our AirPods in water because they don’t feature a water damage indicator and aren’t waterproof either.


Since AirPods are pricey, you shouldn’t risk them, especially if water damage is possible. So, in this article, we have discussed several methods for preventing water damage to your AirPods.

Purchasing a water-resistant cover for your AirPods should be your top priority, and you should adopt habits to protect them from water damage. Get an AppleCare+ extended warranty for AirPods, which is the most crucial thing. So, to ensure that your AirPods last long, give them extra care and attention now. Keep in mind not to bring them into areas with water.

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