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Why my monitor suddenly went black?

Why my monitor suddenly went blackWhy my monitor suddenly went black?

Why my monitor suddenly went black?

If your monitor has turned black all of a sudden, this could have many reasons. Most of the time, the cable connecting the monitor with the PC runs out, or the video card’s driver stops proper functionality.  

The quickest way to figure out the issue is to check the VGA/DVI/HDMI cables if they are working properly. You can also resolve the issue by replugging the current cable into both ends as black may be caused by the loose cable connection. 

How do you fix a black screen on a monitor?

Fixing the black screen on the monitor could be easiest sometimes and some other times, the most difficult one. You can do this as follows; 

  • Unplug your wall-mounted monitor. 
  • From the Monitor’s back, unplug the cord. 
  • Wait for some time, possibly a minute.
  • Plug back the monitor’s cord into a well-performing outlet.
  • Press the power button provided anywhere on your monitor.

Hopefully, the black will be gone. If still, this doesn’t work, try replacing the power cord. 

Why my monitor suddenly went black?

A sudden black monitor screen is not an indication of a problem always until it is accompanied by a completely unresponsive computer. An unresponsive monitor shows that your computer has unfortunately crashed. 

So you know what are the basic reasons for a crashed computer? 

  • To avoid crashing, don’t let your computer overheat.
  • Ensure the ventilation of your computer.

Be careful about little things on your computer to avoid big issues and uncertainties as it takes a long process of fixing.

How do you fix a sudden black screen?

If your computer fails to boot then you will get a black screen. For this, you need to be conscious every time when you power off a computer. Ensure whether your computer is appropriately turned off or not when you press the power button as it can be problematic later on.

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You should follow it for the efficiency of both desktops and laptops. Perform the following steps to make the sudden black screen fixed.

  • Check the computer cords.
  • Ensure the booting of the computer.
  • Use a temporary monitor to ensure the scenario. It will make you clear where the issue actually is, whether in monitoring or any other part.
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Several users have reported that their screen turns black repetitively for up to 2 minutes while working. I also experienced a black screen issue that’s why I’m going to share it with you. Hope this article will help you to examine the problems that make your monitor malfunctions worse. Let’s have a look at these issues:

What Makes The Monitor Turn Black Suddenly?

As I have been into this issue for so long, I can easily say that there can be multiple reasons. Based on my personal experience and reviewing user reports online, it can either be a soft or internal issue related to the machine systems or it can be a challenging or external issue related to different accessories of system parts. Here’s how you can best identify the reason.  

Software-Related Issues 


Overclocking is considered the best option for boosting your CPU for simultaneously performing multifunctional tasks. While updating the CPU, overclock gets unstable there are some chances of getting a black screen. 

Outdated version of Windows:

Outdated Operating systems don’t have the ability to handle issues like a cyber attack. Further outdated, incomplete and corrupt software can cause data breaches and black screen.


Power settings dictate to your system what amount of power should be consumed. If they are not in sync with the usage amount of power it may also lead to a black screen

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Graphic driver software:

The graphic driver is crucial for getting outstanding performance from GPU. An outdated version of the graphic driver may cause an appearance of a black screen on the monitor.

Third-party software:

For instance, Norton Anti-virus is created by another company which can become a cause of numerous bizarre issues for your monitor. This software can cause a black screen but remember one thing, this issue is very rare.

Hardware-Related Issues

Bad Power Supply Unit

The most ordinary culprit for causing the screen black due a bad power supply unit. Maybe the PSU doesn’t deliver the correct voltage to the motherboard which makes your monitor screen black

Video Cable:

If your video cable is not properly plugged in, no cares whether it is a cheap Audio Input jack or expensive HDMI attached to your monitor can become a reason for getting a black screen.


In this contemporary world, most systems have installed dedicated GPU as I have installed in my system too. If the GPU is not functioning properly could make your screen blank. 


Third-Party Graphics:

Third-party graphic options help you to enhance the functioning of the operating system. But if they are not synced with your machine system can cause numerous issues related to black screen problem

Power interference issues:

If the above-mentioned problems don’t relate to you then maybe your monitor is facing power interference issues. Your machine might momentarily flicker or get black when power is interfering.

Hopefully, you diagnose the problem through this article. But didn’t know about solutions? Don’t worry I’m still here for providing solutions to these problems as well.

How can you resolve black screen issues?

Facing a black screen problem suddenly? Here, you’ll get easy solutions for resolving the above problems. if you saw any error during the loading overclocking process, turn off this process quickly because it can damage your system data too. 

Moreover, try to update the old version of Windows as early as possible. If you are not facing this problem, still I’ll suggest you to update the window for avoiding the black screen issue. 

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Further, go into the external power setting and set them according to the required amount of power. Then update your graphic driver software as well as update the third-party software.

Still, getting a black screen? Then uninstall the third-party software if you find any virus in it. Replacing a bad power supply unit for avoiding various issues like program crashes, black screens, and so on.


Hope so you can optimize your problem with its solution behind the black screen. If you still didn’t get the issue, it probably means to check your monitor. Maybe your monitor fluctuates due to old wiring, a corrupt system, etc. I’ll recommend you to diagnose the problem as fast as you can.

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