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Why my monitor suddenly went black?

Why my monitor suddenly went blackWhy my monitor suddenly went black?

Why my monitor suddenly went black?

If your monitor has turned black all of a sudden, this could have many reasons. Most of the time, the cable connecting the monitor with the PC runs out, or the video card’s driver stops proper functionality.  

The quickest way to figure out the issue is to check the VGA/DVI/HDMI cables if they are working properly. You can also resolve the issue by replugging the current cable into both ends as black may be caused by the loose cable connection. 

How do you fix a black screen on a monitor?

Fixing the black screen on the monitor could be easiest sometimes and some other times, the most difficult one. You can do this as follows; 

  • Unplug your wall-mounted monitor. 
  • From the Monitor’s back, unplug the cord. 
  • Wait for some time, possibly a minute.
  • Plug back the monitor’s cord into a well-performing outlet.
  • Press the power button provided anywhere on your monitor.

Hopefully, the black will be gone. If still, this doesn’t work, try replacing the power cord. 

Why my monitor suddenly went black?

A sudden black monitor screen is not an indication of a problem always until it is accompanied by a completely unresponsive computer. An unresponsive monitor shows that your computer has unfortunately crashed. 

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So you know what are the basic reasons for a crashed computer? 

  • To avoid crashing, don’t let your computer overheat.
  • Ensure the ventilation of your computer.

Be careful about little things on your computer to avoid big issues and uncertainties as it takes a long process of fixing.

How do you fix a sudden black screen?

If your computer fails to boot then you will get a black screen. For this, you need to be conscious every time when you power off a computer. Ensure whether your computer is appropriately turned off or not when you press the power button as it can be problematic later on.

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You should follow it for the efficiency of both desktops and laptops. Perform the following steps to make the sudden black screen fixed.

  • Check the computer cords.
  • Ensure the booting of the computer.
  • Use a temporary monitor to ensure the scenario. It will make you clear where the issue actually is, whether in monitoring or any other part.
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