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Why Tesla Owners Tap The  Cars Tail Light?

Are you concerned about Why Tesla Owners Tap The  Cars Tail Light? We have boarded the actual reasons; read this article to dig them out.

Tesla car drivers tap the tail light plenty of times before putting their car battery on charging; this action makes many people astonished. Are you also eager to know why drivers tap the Tesla tail light? Are you enthusiastic about cracking, whether it is a tradition, suspension kind of thing, or does it have a logical background? 

Alright, let me tell you the fact – according to many Tesla owners, this tapping action makes the charging process smooth and fast, aligns the electrons, and brings various other benefits. 

If you want to explore – Why Tesla Owners Tap The  Cars Tail Light – in detail, you can drill down the article; here, we have briefed some more potential reasons.

Why Tesla Owners Tap The  Cars Tail Light

Why Tesla Owners Tap The  Cars Tail Light

Many people have spotted Tesla car owners tapping the tail light, and they really feel intrigued; why is it so? 

If you go deep into this tap-tap logic, you will know that this tapping phenomenon is a blend of some actual technology and nonsensical reasons. No matter what, you will notice that tail light tapping is genuinely effective as the charging process speeds up, charging stays for a long time, and static electric shocks are minimized. 

Find these facts in detail!

Reason 1: Charging Improves

Many people acknowledge that if you do a tail light tapping before putting Tesla on charging, you will find the most significant change in your charging speed and quality. This tapping arranges the electrons into a line that helps the car smoothly get on charging. The tail light tap also removes the port’s dangerous static charge that could cause an explosion at any time.

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So, if you don’t try this tapping methodology, the electrons pile up at the charging port, which is risky and increases the battery charging span.

Many users have found that tapping the tail light resembles a tomato ketchup bottle – the liquid starts flowing when you tap at the bottom of the bottle. The same is true with Tesla cars; the charging characteristic speeds up for free when the user taps the tail light.

Reason 2. Avoid Static Electricity Shocks

Another reason the owners tap the Cars Tail Light is their belief that a few taps reduce the static electricity shock.

However, if we become realistic, this statement does not serve in this situation because Tesla cars are metallically shielded. Due to this shielding, they have net-zero charges both over and under the vehicle body. So if the charge is already zero, this fact doesn’t practically serve here.

Keep reading – below are some more reasons Why Tesla Owners Tap The  Cars Tail Light!

Reason 3: Getting Rid Of Debris

Many people don’t bother that their Tesla charging is wrapped with immense grime that badly creates a hurdle in smooth charging. The dust, rocks, and sand clog the charger pin that would not let the vehicles charge up.

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Tesla owners claim that tapping the tail light before putting the car on the charging takes off the debris and makes the charging a sort of everyday thing.

Reason 4: Opening The Charging Port

Another significant and apparent reason to tap the tail light is to open the charging ports of the vehicle. Pressing and releasing the port door on the tail light can free the charging port from the debris (or any other blockage) and allow it to initiate a typical charging process. Eventually, the charging process speeds up.

One Thing to Notice:

Perhaps you have seen car owners tapping the driver’s door handle before putting the cars on charging. Moreover, they keep the Tesla door open before opening the charge port.

When drivers tap on the Tesla S and X door handle, it allows them to open the charge port and start the charging – an ultimate goal. When the owner uses non-Tesla cables, the tapping on the car handle works. 

However, the use of a Tesla cable sends NFC signals to the charge port and makes it automatically open before charging. The other way round, the charge port can also be opened through the Tesla app or dashboard.

The Bottom Line

Putting the Tesla on charging is not as easy as it is because the charging pin can create trouble anytime, or any wrong action can be a considerable risk. Tesla owners tap the car’s tail light to sort out these issues and quicken the charging process. 

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You can further explore Why Tesla Owners Tap The  Cars Tail Light by cracking the above discussion!

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