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Xbox 360 Controller Won’t Turn On

Xbox 360 Controller Won’t Turn On

Is your Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on and you have no idea what the reason is? Glad to help, read down this article till the end to find the answer.  

Xbox 360 Controller Won’t Turn On

Are you a gamer? Do you like to play Xbox 360 video games? Are you using an Xbox 360 controller? Now you are feeling that your controller is not working properly, what’s the reason? Want to know? You are just at the right place, dig down this article to find out why the Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on? 

In this new era, games are developing so fast and people like to play them in their free time, as playing the games with a controller is a unique type of entertainment and distraction from the busy routine. But, while playing the game your controller starts creating a problem that makes you lose control of the game, it is annoying. Right? Try to reconnect the controller that might solve the problem but if it is not working then it must have some other issues. 

No, you don’t have to throw your Xbox 360 controller as it won’t turn on, however, there are several reasons why the Xbox 360 controller is not working properly, and below we are going to mention all the reasons with authentic solutions so that you can again enjoy your gaming practices without any inconvenience.  

So without any further delay, let’s get into the article. 

What are the fundamental causes that the Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on? 

Sometimes, the Xbox 360 controller doesn’t show such a major issue that makes the controller a total defective one, as if you find out the actual reason why the Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on then you might come up with a solution and so you can save your bucks and controller too.  Here we are going to disclose all the vital reasons that the Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on. 

  • Broken hardware 

If your Xbox controller seems perfect from the outside then there must be any problem inside the controller as it might be broken and some malfunctioning parts. 

  • Faulty battery 

Facing xbox 360 controller malfunctioning the main culprit might be defective battery or not properly installed battery, that means if battery is not at right place then Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on. 

  • Damaged cable 

Damaged cable for charging is also the main reason why your Xbox 360 controller is crashing and it is not turning on again. 

  • Firmware issues 

If the firmware update of the controller is delayed or interrupted then there might be a possibility that the Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on. 

  • Faulty battery connections 

The Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on if the connections are rusted off and broken, so if the battery is not making a proper connection then the controller will not turn on. 

How can we fix the Xbox 360 controller that won’t turn on?

There are several reasons why the Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on so we have also come up with solutions for the fixation of these problems. So, here we go!

  1. Shut off interference connection 

First of all, plug the Xbox 360 controller into the console once it has been powered off, and then for almost ten seconds retain the controller powered off. 

Then reconnect the Xbox 360 controller once it is turned on and follow the below steps

  • For turning on the controller, continually push and hold the “X” key.
  • Now, from the console front, hit the connect icon.
  • Then, in approximately 20 seconds, push the power button on the Xbox 360 controller. 
  • So, if the light signal on the console ceases flickering then the Xbox controller is linked with the console. 
  • For better connectivity, disable all the wireless routers from your Xbox console and remove all the barriers between your Xbox 360 controller and console. 
  • To avoid any further problems, it is better to ensure a stable gap between the Xbox 360 controller and the console. 

The vital factor to remember is that four controllers can be attached simultaneously so your controller would not link with the console if there are already four controllers linked.

  1. Settle the battery issues 

The functioning of the system can be affected by old batteries as it will influence the console’s efficiency and engagement. That’s why below are the mentioned few steps for solving this problem.

  • Take off the battery and other battery packs then remove the battery cover and pull out the battery. 
  • Replacing the batteries with fresh ones is a good idea, or you can also recharge the controller if the battery is reusable. You can easily charge the battery with a USB cord and link it with the console and set it aside for a few hours for charging. 

Also, notice that if the battery cover is loose, it is then better to fix it by putting tape on the cover for fastening it. 

  1. Restart the Xbox 360

If your issue is not resolved yet, then better to restart your Xbox console, you can do this just by following the below steps

  • First of all, push the ‘Sync’ key for almost 20 to 30 seconds, as the lighting signal will flash and spin until shutting off and it will ultimately turn off.
  • Remove all the devices that are connected with this console and then better to wait for ten minutes, again reattached all the devices and Xbox 360 controller and turn it on. 

If by doing all this your Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on then you have to get a new one as this controller might be broken. 


Sometimes, a turned-off controller doesn’t mean that it is broken, maybe by following some steps it will turn on so you don’t have to spend extra bucks on the new one and no need to throw this controller. We hope you find this article; Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on, quite helpful and informative.  

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